Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Got my SEAOIL VIP Club card today!

Oh, been struggling and having heavy heart every time I gas up the past few days. I use diesel, and the fact that it is somehow cheaper than gas, I still am affected with the price hike every now and then. Just now, I saw 3 gasoline station receipts from my bag while cleaning up. As I compare the 3 oil companies, I saw the difference,..how more affordable is this one that I had just this afternoon. I took a closer look at the receipts. Two receipts from the same day pump and a day after, which is today. 

6/19/2016  17:32
Oil Company 1

6/19/16 20:36
Oil Company 2

6/21/2016 15:59
Oil Company 3
My NEW Favorite!
As a lady driver, one of the simple joys I will confess now is...at least having and seeing my fuel gauge in the middle, if I can't afford to get full tank. I hate driving with fear that I might run out of diesel any time. And so driving with at least half the tank comforts me.

Today, my discovery of SEAOIL is one of the best day ever! The answer to my question...how can I save with the continues oil price hike? The answer is SEAOIL!

After enrolling my daughter from our homeschool affiliate, I passed by SEA OIl station and decided to make a U -turn to gas up again. I can't resist the price difference from other companies and so I took this rare chance of passing the area. I haven't seen one around my place that's why I grabbed the opportunity to try SEA OIL in Pasig. I also asked the gasoline boy if they have any discount or VIP card, so glad to learn that they do have what I am looking for. So, today, I got my VIP ( Value Incentives Privileges Club card)!

So Excited to use my VIP card!

I am now a proud member of SEAOIL V.I.P Club! Join now! 
visit www.seaoil.com.ph


This is not a paid advertisement. I'm just a satisfied and happy client!

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