Saturday, June 4, 2016

Season 6 : New Sabrina's Kitchen on GMA NewsTV

Get excited as A New Sabrina's Kitchen is coming soon! 

Now on Season 6 "Ang telenovela for the foodie" begins in June 19, 2016 Sunday 9:30-10:00am on GMA News TV. Don't forget to mark your calendar!

This time, beauty and rock will join together as Basti Artadi, Sabrina's singing brother will work with her in the kitchen revealing more fabulously healthy recipes. A brother and sister tandem. 

During the launch of Sabrina's New Kitchen Season 6, I was even able to have a chat with the ever beautiful Sabrina. She even shared her secret how to do some workout without going to the gym if you can't find time. 

Afterwards, a cooking demo happened as Chef Xavier and Sabrina shared their expertise in the kitchen.

The first thing they cooked was the Chap Chae noodles of McCormick. They said that this is the simplest way and even a no-brainer task to cook pasta. Why? Because McCormick already made it easy for us to prepare pasta with a ready to cook noodles that goes with the perfect seasoning.

For the second pasta, Sabrina prepared the fresh tuna fish she just bought from the market earlier that day. She seasoned the beautiful fish with her favorite McCormick herbs and spices.

Sabrina also uses Reynolds Zipper bag for storing food and even for marinated ones. As we all know Reynolds has been known with quality.
See Beautiful Sabrina in Action

What a perfect combination! Beauty and the Handsome

Showing their 2nd noodles, the Laksa of McCormick. Topped with the flavorful tuna of Sabrina.

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