Friday, November 6, 2015

BEYOND THE BOX:Midnight Launch of iPhone 6s EXCITEMENT! Guess the Millenials will crave for this one!

Photo grabbed from google:)

I got so excited knowing that there's going be a midnight launch in Century City Mall, which is so nearby my place.

Foodie by Hole  in a Wall

Was there at the mall around 10 pm to catch this late night event for iPhone fanatics. And it was so true that we got some treats of Coffee,  Krispy Creme and meals from The Beef by Hole in the Wall! It was served while waiting for the most awaited time...

Yes, it was a long line and I think my friends and I was on the 4th batch to get inside the store.
It was actually fun and something new to me.

It was my 1st time to witness a midnight product launch.  So happy to be one of the first to experience the amazing iPhone 6s!

Quite tiring to line up and wait for our turn...but it's worth it! This is it, I so fell in love with iPhone 6s! The front camera is SUPER! And the additional features really rocks!

                                                           Making a little comparison...

It was nice to see some celebs who are also Apple-natics! Got to have an on the spot photo opt with the pretty girl in black hat!  We saw Gretchen Fullido , Alodia Gosiengfiao with a guy, and Carla Humphries with a guy too...was also there.

Groupie with my friend Lani and Alodia

I am so positive! I could get my iPhone any time soon! This Rose Gold edition is a nice match with my Rose Gold watch! So fabulous it is!

The price of iPhone 6s Plus (Unlocked)
16 GB Php 43, 990
64 GB Php 49, 990
128 GB Php 55, 990


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