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NESTLE PHILIPPINES : I Can't Believe It's Breakfast is a Wonderful Book!

As a loving mother, preparing meals for our family is one of our very important task. I must admit that it has never been easy on my part as a busy mom. A lot of things to consider...budget, time, effort and even willingness to do it consistently.

Many of us find preparing and eating breakfast to be yet one more of the daily challenges we face in starting each day. We may basically know that breakfast is important, yet it is a meal that is often a hurried affair, with food that is the most convenient to cook (as in fried fare) and eat, while some of us skip it altogether.

In an initiative to encourage a good breakfast habit and make the first meal of the day exciting, Nestlé Philippines has launched I Can’t Believe It’s Breakfast! – a book of 30 easy-to-follow recipes that offer a variety of breakfast ideas to excite the palate and spice up the mornings, from the very “quick” when you don’t have much time to spare, to the “not-so-quick” for mornings when you can invest a little more time and effort for the most important meal to jumpstart your day!

The recipe book highlights the importance of breakfast as part of the Company’s long-term advocacy of helping consumers Choose Wellness through proper diet and physical activity.

Consumer Engagement Services Head Aurora Alipao
Speaking at the launching of the cookbook, Nestlé Philippines Consumer Engagement Services Head Aurora Alipao cited the most common reasons why people skip breakfast. “Working parents like us are always pressed for time, so preparing a nutritious breakfast for our children early in the morning may prove to be a daunting task. Children themselves, especially adolescents, prefer to get more sleep than rise up early to have breakfast. And then of course, there are those who purposely miss breakfast in a misguided attempt to lose weight. Others simply are not aware of the benefits of eating breakfast.”

Studies show that those who skip breakfast become easily irritated, feel weak and uncoordinated, and tend to over-eat later in the day. Performance at work or in school also suffers, and weight management becomes difficult.

Nestlé Philippines Corporate Nutritionist Catherine Sarmiento highlighted the importance of eating breakfast in order to start the day right and make the most out of it. “Breakfast not only gives you the right fuel to perform your day’s tasks, it also sets the pace for the types of food you choose to eat throughout the day, helping you better manage your weight,” Ms. Sarmiento said. “Aside from promoting bone, gut and heart health, breakfast also helps you focus and do well mentally and emotionally. When it becomes part of your daily routine, breakfast promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.”

Corporate Nutritionist Kaths Sarmiento

Recognizing the time constraints everyone faces in the morning, Ms. Sarmiento suggests for parents to have a weekly breakfast plan that allows for food variety (to avoid taste fatigue) and optimize nutrition, while sticking to the budget. “Planning ahead will save you time during the
week, and will ensure that the breakfast you serve daily helps meet your family’s nutritional needs,” she said.

Ms. Alipao said parents play a big role in building the breakfast habit among their children. “Parents are regarded as role models by their children, so when they see their parents eat breakfast, they will be encouraged to eat breakfast too. Another way to encourage kids to eat breakfast is to involve them in breakfast planning, and to ask them to help you prepare breakfast on weekends and holidays when there is more time. This gives you an opportunity to bond and connect.”

A highlight of the recipe book launch was a cooking demonstration by Nestlé Resident Chef Tess Sutilo, who developed all 30 recipes featured in the book. Shared here are recipes from I Can’t Believe It’s Breakfast!

Adae2Remember with Chef Tess while waiting for the program to start

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Lia Krizia Lagarde, Consumer Relationship Marketing Executive

I Can’t Believe It’s Breakfast! is available exclusively to members of the Nestlé Club. For more information on the Nestlé Club and how to get a copy of the recipe book, visit

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