Saturday, November 28, 2015

CIRCUIT MAKATI BAZAAR: Last Day Tomorrow, November 29! Don't miss it!

See what's happening here at Circuit Makati! You can still spend your family day here tomorrow and see interesting products and foods to make your eyes drool... There are great finds! There's also an ongoing program for you to be entertained while dining out and doing your shopping inside the air-conditioned tent. 

We spotted the Tall Christmas Tree, literally with The Philippine Star logo that surprised me...hahahhaha! They really are a star!

The Venue From A Distance

Don't forget to visit these guys from the ticket booth. As it shows, MasterCard holders and Senior Citizens gets a FREE Entrance that cost P50 only.

From the first tent, upon entrance, you'll see the booth of Ms. Gladys Reyes and Ms. Donita Rose
Skin Care products and RTW
I'll show you some photos of the stores that caught my attention. There are plenty of stuff to check out here. You can see it for your self.

Blouses and Long Dresses
Jumpsuits with different styles


   Here's our FOOD FINDS!

Friendship till business!

These ladies made us taste their generous pasta, extra-ordinary corn, cheese hungarian sausage and pork bar-b-q. They also made us taste their refreshing mangoe/sago drink. What a great meal while strolling around the stalls! I love the cheese flavor of hungarian! Read more on my separate blog about Meals by MAC&RONIE. 

The ISAW that melts in your mouth
 Hot Chili Sauce

You may also grab this Hot Chili Sauce from Triple A store!

I like street foods, but I seldom eat these stuff unless I know who prepared and cooked it. This one is a great find! If you are looking for yummy and clean grilled street food, you may give this one a try. They are called the TRIPLE A.  Read more about them in my upcoming blog.

See other food that can break your diet or perhaps can let you dive in to your cravings...

Tomorrow is their last day! Don't miss to visit Circuit Makati bazaar if you need things to give away for Christmas. Your one stop shopping. Another surprising thing, you'll see a Family Mart store there too. 

FYI, this is not a paid post.

Enjoy your shopping and dining @ Circuit Makati Bazaar!

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