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How MLBB pros Kairi & Renejay inspire eSports excellence with Infinix GT 20 Pro

 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has cemented itself as one of the premier eSports games in the Philippines and the world. Our local pro players have also proven themselves on the global stage, showing how Filipino players are dominating MLBB lobbies.


In light of the recently concluded MLBB Professional League (MPL) Season 13, the spotlight is on two talented pros, Kairi and Renejay. Both players have showcased excellence in local and international MLBB leagues. They’re ready to keep inspiring fellow gamers, whether it’s in tournaments or regular games, with the Infinix GT 10 Pro, the official tournament phone of MPL Season 13.


Excellence of Filipino MLBB players

Kairi is signed under Fnatic ONIC. He made his mark at only 18 years old and was recognized as one of the best Junglers in MLBB. When he debuted under ONIC Esports during Season 10, the team bagged the championship at MPL Indonesia. He was also named the Regular Season MVP and Finals MVP. “My achievements motivate me to always do my best in MLBB tournaments. I always make sure to work with my team to become better than before,” he said.


Renejay is a Roamer and EXP Laner for Blacklist International. Although he’s taking a break and did not compete in MPL S13, he’ll continue honing his skills in MLBB so he can come back better than ever. Not surprising for a young man playing for one of the top teams and a two-time MPL MVP. “I still play and grind MLBB with fellow pro players because I don’t want to get left behind by the meta. When I return to the pro scene someday, I’ll be prepared,” he said.

Both Kairi and Renejay have an undying passion for MLBB, always pushing to be better in the game. They inspire many aspiring pros and casuals to bring their A-game in every MLBB match. This is also what Infinix enables within all gamers who want to reach the top of ranks. After the GT 10 Pro, Infinix introduces the GT 20 Pro, which can help players like Kairi and Renejay stand out with the unbridled power of its D8200 5G dual-chipset with 24GB RAM and X5 Turbo gaming chipset that help enhance and optimize gameplay to make anyone feel like a pro. 


“I love the GT 20 Pro’s 120 FPS Stable Frame Rate Engine because it helps make my games smooth and stable. In our MPL matches, we always engage in clashes during late game, so it’s important to have the 120 FPS Frame Rate to prevent lag and sudden FPS drops,” Renejay said.


Kairi echoed this sentiment and added, “As a Jungler, strategic movement and hitting your attacks and skills are key to helping my team win. For me, the GT 20 Pro’s Stable Frame Rate Engine and the powerful dual-chipset make it easier to pull off.”

For avid mobile gamers and pros alike, refresh rate is so important to ensure that they move flawlessly and get their attacks in quickly. The Infinix GT 20 Pro has a vivid 144Hz display with 120fps, which not only immerses players in the detailed environments, but also lets players experience a smooth refresh rate. It’s also very affordable at under P16,000, making it an accessible gaming phone for gamers of all skill levels.


Kairi and Renejay are examples of young Filipino eSports pros who use their fiery passions to strive to be their best in MLBB. The Infinix GT 20 Pro also empowers their skills as the ultimate gaming phone that gives Filipinos an immersive gaming experience.


“For those who want to be a pro MLBB player, the Infinix GT 20 Pro is the best phone because it makes games smooth and helps make it easier for you to play matches, especially during the MPL,” Renejay said. “We’re all grateful to Infinix for releasing a gaming phone that we pro players can use in tournaments.”


During the recent MPL S13 Play Offs, MLBB fans were able to see the impressive performance and power of the Infinix GT 10 Pro, as pros played their absolute best to qualify for the championship. 




Mark your calendars for June 29, 2024, and head to SM Megamall to witness the XUL (Infinix University League) Grand Finals, featuring Chief Gaming Officers Renejay and Kairi. Infinix fans can experience more power with the Infinix GT 20 Pro, available on TikTokShoppee, and Lazada, and Infinix kiosks nationwide.


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