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World-renowned A-Team dance crew powers up their party with Sony’s X-Series wireless speakers


Music makes or breaks a party. It is the mood setter in any celebration, whether it’s getting the party started with a classic pop hit or a slow dance with some mellow, soft rock. What matters at a party is the quality and volume of the music being played to truly set the tone for the rest of the night. Music is what powers up a party.

And powering up a party is what Sony’s X-Series wireless speakers are all about. This next-generation line of portable speakers is built with top-of-the-line audio features designed to provide a powerful, wide-range sound, whether the festivities are outdoors or indoors.

For the world-renowned A-Team dance crew, speakers like the X-Series are an indispensable tool for crafting expressive yet intricate choreographies. Four members of A-Team shared their insights about the X-Series and how the speakers complement their work as dancers and choreographers.

For A-Team’s leader Coach MJ Arda, the X-Series portability was a big plus for his work. “Honestly, I was really surprised that despite the size of the speakers, it was easy to carry around and use. You can literally have quality music, anytime and anywhere you want,” shared Coach MJ.

All the speakers in the X-Series line are designed to power up a party anywhere you go. Even the larger speakers can be brought anywhere with the built-in wheels and handle for easy movement, offering flexibility for on-the-go users like the A-Team.

For Coach MJ, the SRS-XV800 is his go-to speaker. This speaker is a perfect match for choreographers looking to perfect their dances, with its room-filling, omni-directional party sound that allows dancers like him to be immersed in the song being played, helping him fine-tune his moves.

Fellow A-Team member Ysai Castro expressed that the X-Series' long battery life was a big advantage to her craft. The latest speakers in the X-Series line boast an impressive battery life of up to 25 hours.

“As an artist, I take my time whenever I create my pieces. The increased battery life of the X-Series mainly helped me with that,” Ysai explained. “[The speakers] were user-friendly and easy to use! The sleek design really caught my eye. Definitely a party starter especially with its lights.”

Shawn Castro, another member of A-Team was amazed with the X-Series versatility. The X-Series’ party speakers include plug-ins for microphones and guitars for those looking to belt out some karaoke tunes or play a rocking guitar solo. “What stood out from the X-Series speakers is that they’re all-in-one speakers. It can even be used for karaoke, or as an amp for a guitar,” Shawn remarked.

Both Ysai and Shawn pointed out that their favorite speakers in the X-Series line were the SRS-XG300, underlining how the speakers are a perfect fit for their on-the-go party needs. The compact size of the SRS-XG300 can be taken everywhere, anytime with its easy-to-hold handle. Despite its compact size, the SRS-XG300 has no shortage of sound quality, as the speaker is equipped with Powerful Party Sound, powered by woofers, front tweeters, and passive radiators that provide punchy bass and vocal clarity.

Joshua Decena, a dynamic collaborator with the A-Team, was captivated by the sound quality of the X-Series speakers, which are powered by the innovative X-Balanced Speaker Unit which brings a powerful, wide-range sound for a rewarding listening experience.

“Personally, the rich bass quality is what stood out for me. Not all speakers offer the same feel,” Joshua mentioned. “As a performer, I love making sure that I can hear the music I dance to really well so I can fully immerse myself into the sound, and these speakers perfectly do that for me.”

For him, the SRS-XP500 provides immersive sound quality for any type of music. With its Powerful Party Sound, the SRS-XP500 can play a hip, upbeat song or a mellow one, without compromising the audio’s quality and style.


As shown by the A-Team, the Sony X-Series delivers powerful sound for all types of music, for all types of parties. Now you can power up any party however you want!

Power up your party and live life loud with the X-Series! Visit to learn more. 

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