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We celebrated our wedding anniversary at HOTEL BENILDE MAISON DE LA SALLE

This is not our first time here. We're back because we had a wonderful stay some 2 years ago for our family tradition. We usually spend our New Years Eve  away from home. And we're so happy to be back here. It's like a second home to us.

I can still remember the sweet scent around the place. I really feel at home and so relaxed, because from the reception area and along the hallway, I hear soft Jazz music playing. 

Checking in at Hotel Benilde is a hassle-free thing. The friendly front liners will surely assist you without any qualms. 


It was a timely invitation as we're celebrating our 12th year wedding anniversary. Special thanks to our KTG family foodie friend Reese of The Foodie Station for inviting us to have an experience again at Hotel Benilde.

We stayed at the Superior Twin room. It comes with comfy white duvet beddings and fluffy pillows. Plus big extra throw pillows for bed decorations. That's why, upon entering the room, I already felt the inviting bed calling me to lie down and take a quick break.

I love their spacious cabinet with safety volt. It has a built-in light inside and it lights up once you open it. 

This long side table beside the cabinet is useful for putting stuff upon your arrival. You know the habit of leaving the stuff anywhere in the part of the room? This can serve its purpose.

The room is equipped with full hotel amenities like, LED TV, bathroom with toiletries, tea and coffee maker, personal fridge and more. Of course, our young lady foodie got hold of the TV remote.

This comfy modern sofa was big enough for my big young lady for quick relaxation before taking her afternoon dip. While that white table is actually useful. You can move it anywhere since they have quite spacious room.


I fell in love at the Presidential Suite, if I already find our Superior Twin room beautiful, you'll definitely love this room. It is totally spacious, from the large receiving area to bedroom and bathroom as well. You can roll over the king bed, dip in the jacuzzi while watching something on the mounted tv. What a life to spend at least a night or two at the Presidential Suite. We should try to experience this, maybe on our next wedding anniversary.

The One Bedroom Suite is a spacious room enough for a family of 3 or 4. It has king bed and bathtub. You can actually throw a mini gathering here as the receiving room is also big.

And if you like to check-in with friends, a group of four can be booked for a Dormitory. They have separated dorm for male and female. Here you can do your group study, sleepover or pajama party. Still with complete basic amenities of a standard room.





The swimming pool is located at the roof deck. Providing the feel of nature with its man-made water falls and greeneries around the pool area. I love the overlooking sight of the Manila Skyline.

During our stay, the weather was gloomy and a with bit drizzling. Well, nothing can stop our little mermaid once the water calls for her fin. It was a perfect time for my daughter to enjoy their pool, located at the upper deck. 


Dinner was served. We enjoyed the delectable dishes that we ordered. We started with hearty flavorful Cream of Mushroom soup and Wild Wild Wings as the appetizer. Then my favorite Kani Mango Salad. For the heavy part of the meal, we had Penne Carbonara and Tuna Sandwich. Our young foodie's choice is the Norwegian Salmon while Daddy foodie enjoyed the Litson Kawali.

This is the highlight of our dinner, actually my personal favorite. Not your usual Kani salad. The strips of dried mango made everything perfectly good mixed with lettuce, crab sticks, fried thin noodles in this yummy bowl.


This creamy Carbonara can complete your carb need for the night. So good!

Our young foodie's personal favorite was the Norwegian Salmon with silent "L" to pronounce it right. Served in the bed of mashed potato and sautéed mix vegetable. 

While daddy foodie can't get enough of the thinly sliced crunchy pork belly litson. I enjoyed it as well!

After enjoying our gastronomic dinner which was elegantly served,  we  also got to enjoy our cozy room.  We don't miss to goof around before going to bed. This comfy bed must be durable enough to handle us 3 giants. 


We took the opportunity to have breakfast together, just the two us, as we're still celebrating our wedding anniversary. Had some heart-to-heart talk while having our first meal for the day.

Cafe Romancon is the in-house restaurant for guests and walk-in guests. It offers just the right  combination and selection of food. It's good that it will definitely wont let you get overwelled with the choices that you need to make early morning for your first meal. And I am fine with that. As I don't really believe that you should eat like a king for breakfast. You can surely handle their buffet breakfast.

The cereal station is the best place for kids and kids at heart as well. Pouring fresh milk to your cereal puts smile in my heart . While the bread station and the jam station can give you real options.  Of course, the salad station is the one for me.




If you feel like having egg, you can ask for your sunny side-up or omelet of your own choice of ingredients. They have cheese, tomato, onion, mushroom, green and red bell pepper. I only go for cheese, mushroom and bell pepper.


Good thing I overstayed at the café, because they served the smoked milk fish as replacement for the fish fillet that was served earlier. I loved it. The creamy smooth texture and smoky flavor of the milkfish led me to my 2nd serving.

I started with this first plate and then....

My hubby prepared his toasted bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam. I only like it cream cheese, so divine! Focaccia bread is love!

I had the porridge or Arroz Caldo to cap my early buffet. Best with a sprinkle of garlic bits and spring onion. But there are more condiments to add up to your taste. Yummy!

Time to check-out!

Spending a special event in a special place like this, is totally a blast. Thank you so much Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle for serving us great food, comfortable room and excellent service. 

If you want to have a quick escape from your busy and stressful life, a few minutes drive away in the metro can bring you here at Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle.

Spend your much needed "R & R" even without breaking your bank account. Remember, when your mind and your body calls for a break, give it ASAP! Celebrate your small or big victories anytime here at Hotel Benilde. They said its a 4-star hotel, well, to us it's a 4.9 star with #TheANGfoodiefamily standard.

And here's another #DaetoRemember!

Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle
Address: Arellano Avenue, Corner Estrada St, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Facebook Page
Contact Number: +63 2 230 5230

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