Thursday, July 11, 2019

HYDRO FLASK : My Constant Companion

I'm a certified "Water Person"! I can't leave the house without bringing my own tumbler of cold water. I've tried different brands, shapes and sizes. I also lost quite a number as well. But this time, I got a new friend, with reliable qualities that I've always been looking for a water bottle.

I got my first blue Hydro Flask tumbler from the Global Wellness Day 2019 event we attended. Hydro Flask displayed their beautiful and durable looking tumblers and played as one of the sponsors and exhibitors for the wellness celebration. I actually fell in love with their color combinations and shades. But my eyes first laid to this powder blue one.

Aside from my daughter as my constant companion, my Hydro Flask tumbler became an additional companion as well. We have this habit of always bringing our own drinking water anywhere we go. We believe that "Water is Life" and it's a basic need that we should not fail to bring with us all the time.

We went out of town with our family, still I brought it with me.

Just the size of a water bottle can meet your daily drinking water needs, while maintaining the heat or cooling of water, while convenient to use, feel comfortable, size suitable for car cup holder wide mouth design is also suitable for most remote mountain water filters.
Even at my Aunt's place, I still use my tumbler beside me while watching my daughter do her morning swim.

I also brought my Hydro Flask even to the beach where I know I would really need some cold refreshment. So scared to get thirsty. We need to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate especially in this super hot season.

 The stage mother should always bring along the Hydro Flask while watching and waiting for my young lady swimmer's training session.

 At home, I still use my Hydro Flask so I don't have to keep on opening the fridge or the freezer to get my cold drink.

 Even when I commute, I don't mind having added weight in my bag with me. As long as I have my cold water, I'm good.

Hydro Flask has a powder coating, which provides you with a firm grip feeling. Less chances of slipping through my hands, unlike other water bottles, The powder coating is combined with high-grade TempShield insulation to prevent condensate from forming outside the bottle and provides you with a refreshing water supply system every day. 

It's TRUE! 

I only put half full of ice cubes then water, it's already good for the whole day "baon" to go bottle. Plus the wide mouth design is so convenient for drinking water and easier to fill with bigger ice cubes. 

I one time left my tumbler with little ice and water overnight just sitting on the dining table without air condition. Still, I woke up with cold water. The quality of the water inside was not actually affected with the outside temperature of our hot dining room. That's amazing!

I got the Wide Mouth 32 oz bottle. Just the right size of a water bottle that can meet my daily drinking water needs, while maintaining the cooling of water, while convenient to use, feel comfortable, size suitable for my hand bag, wide mouth design is also suitable for most water filters.

Because we support the #NoPlastic #AyokoNgPlastic campaign, the use of our Hydra Flask is one of our many ways to avoid unnecessary use of plastic bottle or container. You can try it too. Stay healthy by bringing water with you anywhere you go while helping our environment.

Hydro Flask is the award-winning leader in high-performance insulated products from beverage and food flasks to the new Unbound SeriesⓇ soft coolers. Believing that every adventure starts with two simple words: Let's Go!. Hydro Flask creates products that facilitate an active and joyful lifestyle.. #HydroFlaskPH

Hydro Flask is available in leading malls and online stores nationwide. 
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We love using our Pacific Blue Hydro Flask!

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