Friday, May 31, 2019

3 Things Why We Love Honolulu Hong Kong Cafe Manila at SM Aura

Honolulu HK Café is now here in Manila! With two branches, SM Aura as the first outpost that opened January this year, followed by Robinsons Place Ermita last April. Isn't that a good news? No need to schedule and fly if you want to have the taste of Hong Kong!

Last week, me and my daughter had our first gastronomic lunch adventure together with our KTG family. 

There are 3 things that we really love about Honolulu HK Café SM Aura Premier


When dining in to any café, my ANG foodie family always wanted a spacious place, not because we are big, but because we want some space. Do you get it? We need some relaxing time by having good meal together. And capping it having our milk tea and dessert in a clean, comfortable and commodious place. 

At SM Aura café branch, the place has a bright and cozy atmosphere.  One side of the wall has yellow slanting stripes while the other side is my super favorite, the wall of Hong Kong city . I have never been to Hong Kong, but I already heard so much about its rich culture.


It feels good when you are treated well by the staff around the dining area. It makes the dining experience more enjoyable. With Honolulu HK Café's staffs, they're all friendly and alert attending to the customer's needs.  


Honolulu HK Café is the first and the original Cha Chaan Teng or tea restaurant in Hong Kong since 1940. They have been serving their unique East-meets-West comfort food over the past decades. Very well known with its signature flaky crusty egg tarts. ‘modern’ pastries, buns, Hong Kong-style fried noodles and is recognized as one of the most representative signature brands of the unique ‘Hong Kong Café’ dining concept. If you'll get a chance to visit Hong Kong, don't miss to visit their café. After 70 years of development and growth, Honolulu has become an attraction for visiting gourmets from all over the world looking for that unique Hong Kong Café taste.

Deep Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk @P488

Let me start with my number one personal favorite. The Deep Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk is not the typical dish from other restaurants. It has a distinct taste that outstand the rest. It's just a bite-sized dish but the flavor totally rocks my world. I remember like this prawn melts in my mouth. 

Even my foodie daughter loved it so much. Like, "Mom, can I have some more please?" her line that I can only hear from her when she really like something.

Stir Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Beef @Php 268

Yes, this is my second favorite. I really enjoy every crunchy sprouts together with the flavorful flat noodles and tender beef that is so perfect for my taste buds. Even my sister tasted it and loved it as well.

Curry Fish Ball @P198

I sometimes buy fish balls from the local market and I noticed that it's usually round and flat even already cooked. Now, here's the legit fish ball that I can truly enjoy. 

Deep Fried Spareribs with Garlic @P288

Chinese Sausage and Wind-Dried Meat in Casserole @P198

Hong Kong Curry in Casserole, BEEF Curry @P328

This is my ultimate favorite in the house! I must admit that I'm not a real fan of curry, but, I now announce my love  for curry has grown deeper because of this amazing dish.  The curry flavor was just right while the beef's tenderness made everything perfect in this hot pot. Better have this with plain rice and that's a strong suggestion. If you're not in the mood for beef, you can order the curry version of chicken, pork chop or seafood. Just choose.

So don't forget to include this in your order slip. It's the dish the you shouldn't miss!

Coffee Bo Lo Bun @P60

Here's another thing, I am not a coffee lover, but now a certified Coffee Bo Lo Bun lover! See how foodie adventures can do, change someone's preferences. Once you slice it, you'll surely pick up the crumbs on your plate.

Crusty BBQ Pork Bun @P60

Honolulu Egg Tart @P50

I believe that this egg tart was made with extreme care. By the look of it, the soft and the thin layers of the crust put together with the moist egg cream, super mouthwatering! 

Honolulu HK Café
serves its own blend of Honolulu coffee and Hong Kong 'stocking' milk tea. I ordered the pure milk tea. It's authentic!

Our overall experience at Honolulu HK Cafe Manila at SM Aura was awesome! Just don't forget to take note of my favorites, you will not regret about it! With this video, you'll not see any real food at all because we already finished everything!

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Enjoy the famous Egg Tart and other Cha Chaan Teng delights now!
SM Aura Premier
Lower Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Robinsons Place Manila
Level 1, Pedro Gil Wing
Ermita, Manila

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