Monday, April 2, 2018

MONTESSORI DE SAN JUAN : Taking the first step to STEM

Local school partners with US-Based STEM program for child-friendly engineering education
Back in 2009, a parent named Dori Roberts had a hard time finding an educational program to get her six- and eight-year-old started on engineering. The Virginian mother was also an educator specializing in math and science, and she quickly realized that there is a need for a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program that is geared towards young children.
Where most parents would have just given up and enrolled their children in regular schools, Roberts saw opportunity. With her extensive background in STEM and a passion for teaching, she started Engineering for Kids (EFK), which is now one of the world’s most popular child-friendly STEM programs. It is franchised and implemented in 30 American States and in 30 other countries.
Thankfully, Philippines, will not miss out on this excellent STEM course. Montessori de San Juan, a local school that utilizes the latest in techniques in both traditional and progressive learning, recently partnered with EFK and is offering the after-school program as an extra-curricular activity to its students.

The program is offered to students four- to fourteen-years old, and features fun and interesting ways to present engineering concepts appropriate to each individual child. It goes beyond just classes by giving children opportunities to learn more about STEM through workshops, camps, and other events. Through these exercises, the children learn problem-solving, cooperation, critical thinking, and many other skills that will serve them well in the future.
MD Principal Sandy Arellano, who has a Masters Degree in Education and is one of the country’s leading voices on integrated learning, believes that the EFK program will not only teach, but also inspire students. “The hands-on activities offered in EFK will foster their natural curiosity,” said Arellano. “Once that curiosity is activated, the students will continue to explore and develop their problem-solving, analytical, and applied knowledge skills.”

Currently, the EFK program is offered throughout kindergarten and junior high-school. It operates like a school club and is applied outside of regular school activities. The program runs for two quarters of the school year and is available for both students of MDS and those from other schools. The program costs P10,000, but MDS students may avail of the program for a discounted rate of P7,500.

Although the EFK program is not available for Senior High School Students, MDS offers top-rated tracks in Humanities, General Academics, and Accounting & Business Management for its Senior High curriculum.
To learn more about Montessori De San Juan and its programs, you may contact:
725-6306 or 239-1102

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