Saturday, April 7, 2018

The ANG Family's UNICORN ISLAND Experience

Early Thursday morning, The ANG Family was up for a new adventure to north area. It was for the family to experience the newest UNICORN ISLAND. What really excites me few days before our trip was the Pink & Purple Lounge.
We arrived at the Inflatable Island with so much excitement to dip in the clear water and witness the opening of the latest addition, The Unicorn Island. Of course, the young ANG was double and triple excited for her first inflatable experience.
The world's first unicorn is now floating here in the Philippines. This first giant Unicorn Island can bring your magical dreams to life. You don't need to imagine, you just need to experience it. Yes, it is the biggest floating playground in Asia. That can be a world record.
The Inflatable Island itself features inflatable slides, bridges, swings and towers that you can try for fun. Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy the island. As my daughter and my youngest sister had their share of wonderful experience. Starting from the rainbow walk, you'll know, it's the start of your magical experience.


The activities includes the Jungle Bars, which Mr. Ang had so much fun, the Kiddie slide and the trampoline. Time flies really while watching them enjoy every steps and every fall. Yes, I only took their videos and photos. Seeing them having fun is just enough for me. I can say that you will need a whole day to super enjoy all the activities with some pauses to catch your energy.
 Yes, what you can see the is the UNLI BBQ. If you are a fan of barbecues, you'll surely by stand on this corner. Because playing on the inflatables makes you hungry, this unli thing can surely cover your hunger.

The launch was supported by some generous sponsors, namely Lily's Peanut Butter and Smirnoff.  Before we left the place, Lily's Peanut Butter gave us baon (take home) on our way home. Yes, the much needed refreshment helped out beat the summer heat. Though our visit was a real blessing. The clouds was a little dark but not raining.

The Bali Lounge at night is so lovely. A romantic sight where I would wish to stay forever. My obsession with purple and pink strikes again. Yes, The ANG Family wearing our purple top too.
All in all, the adventure of my kids, including my youngest sister and my husband was super awesome. Me, as a watcher, photographer and videographer had so much joy in my heart seeing them with their big smiles.
If you are planning for a family getaway or even company team building, the Inflatable Island should be on your list.
 The Inflatable Island

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