Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen : A New Place To Enjoy

The newly opened tambayan restaurant called LUMU was named after its chef, Luigi Muhlach. The word LUMU derived from the first two letters of the chefs name LU for Luigi and MU from Muhlach. With the name that also happens to be a clever abbreviation for "Love you, miss you", LUMU is every bit the fix of nostalgia that leaves you with pun intended, good taste in your mouth.

LUMU is a new place that offers good food, good drinks and of course good times, just a friendly neighborhood Filipino tamabayan (by standers place). A beer house with safe environment unlike other so called beerhouses. Each corner has a unique design that most young adults or millenials can also enjoy to have photo shoots before diving to their food. Yes, the place is so instagramable! You'll see, it has a stage for live entertainment. If you'll try to bring your dad or your uncle here, they will surely enjoy your treat.
The Ang Foodie Family was so happy to witness the official opening night of LUMU. A star - studded event plus overflowing food and fun with our KTG group.
Take a quick glance of the interesting and unique Filipino dishes that we were able to try during the launch.
Taro and Kamote Nachos Overload
This is your Pinoy version of nachos here in Philippine.  This is so good and so addicting. The toppings and the sauce made it more yummier.
The Pares Cuapao
Lumu’s signature beef pares in cuapao. Our young foodie can finish an order of two of this. Something like a light snack but still heavy... Oh, I love it too!
The LuMu A-Bangers sampler
A collection of hugots.... this platter of longganisa is good for sharing. It goes with titles of different emotions that we Filipinos call hugot. Each sausage has a special taste of our Filipino delicacy. The titles itself can also explain the meaning of the flavor.

Love you Kaldereta- de Vino
Looks good, right? So tantalizing! This luscious baby is a goat ribs cooked with red wine, tomato sauce, chorizo and shitake. I so fell in love with this one, I don't even know how to cook this right. Now, whenever I feel like having some Kaldereta, LUMU is just few minutes drive away from my place.

Yikes, don't know how to call this set of bbq sticks...but these are truly awesome!
Fresh Oysters
From LUMU menu you can enjoy goat meat, to comfort classics such as adobo, kaldereta, and bistek tagalog, to an assortment of sausages that are, well, certified bangers, the team serves a strong selection of fairly-priced hapag-kainan hits that successfully fuse classicflavors with contemporary flair.


I am not a drunkard but a tall glass of this baby, I surely can't resist. That's right, margaritas in glasses big enough to last for a full session of much-need chikahan. There are wide selections of drinks where you can go gaga!
We had a true gastronomic night! Another DAEtoRemember for The ANG Foodie Family.
LuMu Beerhouse and Filipino Kitchen is located at the 3/F of Greenbelt 3, Ayala avenue, Makati City. 
For inquiries and reservations, call +6325045240.

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