Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Congratulations, Ready, Set, Blog 2.0!

Last February 1, 2018, a special event happened at The Selah Garden Hotel. With all the full force efforts of the millennial couple, Anne & Maiko, the event was made possible and truly successful.

It was an afternoon full of  so much fun and learning. Fun, because the games made all the blogger participants stand up from their sits to run and join the interactive games plus lots of raffle prizes were given away. And learning, because some fellow bloggers shared their thoughts on specific topics of their expertise that can help each individual to grow and improve as empowered bloggers.

Blogging 101 and digital marketing
Ross Flores Del Rosario of -
How to Elevate Your Blog
Adae Ang of -
Personality Development
Zheyme Manahan of -
 SEO for bloggers

Thank you so much, to all our generous sponsors!

Herbalife Philippines
Hop Inn Philippines
Bravo Food Supplement for Men
Estiara Philippines
Hyds Customized Cake and Catering
Music Museum Philippines
Romulo Cafe Philippines
The Thinking Cap Marketing
Jrams Coffee Bistro and Pastries
Gangnam Wings Philippines
Jung Monis Salon
Olive Nail and Body Spa
Social Media Intelligence and Publications
Allianz PNB Life Insurance
Gaius Pension Inn
The Selah Garden Hotel

During the group dinner time, the over flowing raffle prizes were still given away. You can see from the faces of my fellow bloggers how it feels like to be a true winner!
The best in costume was announced after. Congratulations Claire Santiago!  
The following morning, The Selah Hotel Staff prepared some activities for us aside from the high ropes and low ropes activities. It's like an on-the-spot team building for us.  Unexpected dance talents was discovered during our day activities



Being a part of a community who supports one another is a very important venue to develop as an individual. The ANG Foodie Family is a proud supporter of our  fellow bloggers.

Thank you so much Anne Purificacion and Maiko Dungo and team for hosting this fun-filled event. And a super big thanks to The Selah Garden Hotel accommodating us all in your beautiful place. An oasis in the City of Pasay.

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