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A Weekend To Remember At F1 Hotel Manila with Gastronomic Days Experience of LuzViMinda

A weekend well spent with my family is something I could always treasure! But this time, our weekend was made extra- ordinary because we got to spend it with our extended foodie family, The KTG ( Kain Tulog Gang). The growing bunch of foodies gathered once again to experience F1 Hotel's LuzViMinda feasting that is now on it's 5th year.

F All-Day Dining, where the launch was held recently, will be continuously delivering the advocacy of LuzViMinda, showcasing Filipino dishes, adding the twist of today’s modern culinary artistry, but living the traditional essence of classical cuisine.
Visit F1 Hotel Manila from June 9 to 30 to experience a gastronomic fusion for only Php1,699 for lunch or dinner buffet.
I could say that this annual tradition of F1 Hotel's LUZVIMINDA is their simple way of celebrating Philippines Independence Day (month). And I could also recommend to Filipino people to celebrate our independence here at F1 Hotel. We can take a break from our foreign food cravings and give LUZVIMINDA a chance to bring you the taste from the three different parts of the Philippines.

This is The Ang Foodie Family's (TAFF) first visit to F1 Hotel. We love hotels and we definitely love dining and trying the hotel restaurants.  And TO EAT TOGETHER is our simplest way to bond.
As most of you know, we are the family who explore food together. It's so timely for the annual Filipino Feast LuzViminda 5 with a theme of Gastronomical Fusion, three amazing chefs where invited to showcase their talents to give some twist to the heritage Filipino dishes. 
Chef Mikel Zaguirre for Luzon, Chef Dennis Uy for Visayas and Chef Kalel Chan for Mindanao

We got so excited to try all the dishes from the buffet tables.  Everything looked so delish, that I could not even imagine how I could manage to taste them all.  Well, of course, I have to do my usual thing... Always put just a little bit of everything.
But as early as now, I want to share with you our best TAFF FIVE favorites! From Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Crispy Pata Roulade
TAFF Favorite #1
The Crispy Pata that "melts in your mouth"! Like, this is a friendly dish for kids even for the kids at heart. So tender that you'll need no effort to chew it. Imagine that!
TAFF almost tried everything from Luzon line up, it was all good! But this Crispy Pata is our most unforgettable pick.
“It’s an honor to do Filipino food and uplift Filipino cuisine,” said Zaguirre
Thanks to Chef Mikel Zaguirre, who represents Luzon.  Each item was inspired by an heirloom dish which was meticulously crafted by research and adjusted a little bit to adapt the modern palate, added Zaguirre. Unleashing creativity by presenting classical cuisine in a modern setting has what challenged him the most.

Cochinillo de Cebu
TAFF Favorite #2 

TAFF are lechon lovers.  I found pleasure for lechon  and it all started when I first tasted the lechon from Cebu, since then my standard of lechon stayed that way. If it's not a Cebu lechon, it's nothing but a second rate trying hard...ah sounds familiar? Yes, if you'll give me lechon it must be Cebu's Best Lechon!
And this Cochinillo de Cebu, is now my New Best Lechon! I can't resist its juicy and tasty meat plus the oh so crunchy sinful skin. I think I've eaten more amount of this than any other food on the table. But I'm also warning you, you can not enjoy this baby without RICE please! Or EXTRA RICE PLEASE!

Humba Cebuano
TAFF Favorite #3
Yes, I love to eat, but guess what? I can also cook! And one of my babies favorite viand is Adobo. I have tried cooking it with different twist and they always appreciate it. Now it's my time to taste somebody else's version. Chef Dennis Uy's Humba is a winner!

“Sharing our cuisine by giving back to guests & clientele is what food is all about,” said Uy.
Staging as the featured chef for Visayas, Dennis Uy’s technique is about blending flavors and getting inspiration from his travel around the archipelago – cooking in most traditional way and plating it contemporarily. Cochinillo de Cebu and Pork Humba are just some of Chef Dennis’ masterpieces we should look forward to not only for the month of June if possible...
Sweet Potato Ukoy
TAFF Favorite #4
Ukoy, as one of my top meryende is also best as ulam (viand) too.  Just dip it with a special suka (vinegar) and everything is a history!
Just can't get enough of this so crispy and crunchy yet still flavorful in it's own way.
“You should try everything, as we (with his team) started from experimental stage, plus the time devoted to research & development trying these dishes, are the things that make these worthy,” when asked what to anticipate from his creations.

So good to know that even though he’s not a Mindanao native, Kalel Chan accepted wholeheartedly the challenge of showing us an array of sumptuous dishes from Mindanao. With his passion for food, Chan started out by studying the classical Mindanao cuisine, reached out to some of his friends for research, and injected his modern way of cooking.

Nilasing Na Mangga
After all the main courses, I decided to try the Nilasing na Mangga.  This is one of the most famous street foods in Manila.  You can see it in most public places like outside the schools or market place. Eating it with a little spread of bagoong (shrimp paste) is truly a delight!


Grilled Bagaybay On Oyster
Oh no, was not able to try it but it did caught my attention.  See the light brown thing on top of the oyster? That's bagaybay or Tuna sperm that was grilled.


Purple Maja Blanca and Cheese
TAFF Favorite #5
Creamy maja blanca and cheese. Corn and cheese together.
It's a perfect combination!
with Chef Decker, F1 Executive Chef and with guest Chef Kalel

And that's it for the TAFF gastronomic lunch experience at LuzViMInda!
But wait, there's more!
Scroll it down and you'll see!

F1 Hotel Manila is located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City.
I love their spacious rooms!

We stayed in a suite, big enough for the three of us!
And look at this welcome plate waiting for us!
We found it on the center table upon our entrance to our room!
A real Filipino hospitality!


Now, dinner is served!
A special dinner to remember. The Kain Tulog Gang did not only shared the food together. The famous Videoke session also completed the night plus some chit chat!
Take a look and be amazed with the common yet uncommon dishes! 
Bacon & Cheese Lumpia
What a beautiful starter! And I'm a first timer! I only know the bacon and cheese in a sandwich or croissant. Now wrapped with lumpia wrapper, so brilliant!

Dinuguan Vol au Vent
Not all Filipino's has the heart for dinuguan  (pork blood stew).  But some nationalities finds it odd yet interesting to try this one. I myself am super a fan of my Aunt's home-cooked version.

This Dinuguan Vol au Vent is the most sophisticated twist of dinuguan that I've ever seen and tasted. It's served as appetizer like tart. So, i'll call it the simple way as bloody tart! Hahahahahaha! I love it!

Kalabasa Gratin
Mr. Ang's favorite vegetable. I saw him filled his plate with this creamy but healthy option.

Salt and Pepper Bangus

Chicken Piyanggang Skewer

Longganisa - stuffed Lechon Belly

You see the skin? Yes, it's crunchy! And the red thing in the middle is the longganisa, stuffed inside the lechon belly. And yes, where is diet? That's  my question to myself too. If this kind of food is just within your reach, why not grab it?

Thanks to Aging's Food Delight for the special KTG suman cake!

Suman Espesyal w/Ube Leche Flan


The dinner party will not be complete without refreshments and cocktails!
Cheers to my favorite Nilasing na Manga!
Filipino celebration will not be happy and complete without the Videoke session!

Yogo & Cream singing their love song

Jaz so serious finding her song while Eric chills for a photo op hahahaha!

Kain Tulog Gang

Cheers to more KTG dining and staycation experience!

Come and enjoy our Filipino dishes. Don't miss the dates. 
 It's so worth it to have a taste of LuzViMinda!
F1 Hotel Manila
32nd St. BGC Taguig City
For reservations and inquiries
call 908-7888
visit the website

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