Friday, June 9, 2017

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Wars 2017

Pizza Wars started at CPK in the United States. And guess what?  Being the first location outside the US, it is only fitting that California Pizza Kitchen Philippines is the first international franchise to carry out this Pizza Chef competition.  The first Pizza Wars completion in the Philippines was held last June 2015.
Now staying true to its roots of California Creativity, CPK reaffirms it's legacy and brand promise of a culinary adventure. CPK Philippines annual in-house Pizza Chef competition continuous.
Welcome to the 3rd Year Run of  California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Wars

Meet the finalists from left, Rommel Panaligan of CPK Alabang Town Center with his Garlic Cream Cheese Pizza, Danny Fernandez of CPK  Greenbelt 5 with his original Thai Beef Pizza creation and  Jay  Mar  dela  Paz  of  CPK  Promenade  Greenhills  with  his  colorful  Chicken  Banh  Mi  Pizza.

3rd Placer
Chicken  Banh  Mi  Pizza
 CPK  Promenade  Greenhills
Chef Jay used curry mayo as its base sauce and for the chicken as well. The pizza was made even made colorful because it was topped with thin slices of carrots, cucumber and radish. Best for Indian food lover.
2nd Placer
Thai Beef Pizza
CPK  Greenbelt 5  
Chef Danny used a spicy sate as its sauce. It was topped with broccoli, onions, carrots, and tender strips of beef. This pizza was actually my first choice. Most adults can appreciate this flavor. The little kick of spice may be tolerable for some kids. 
Garlic Cream Cheese Pizza
CPK Alabang Town Center
Chef Rommel used the garlic cream cheese from the pasta sauce. He sprinkled generous amount of three kinds of cheese and added some chicken and  sausages on top. Just like my favorite pasta here. By the way, the balsamic vinegar made it yummier!
I caught Chef Rommel presenting his ingredients to the judges

Rommel Panaligan of CPK Alabang Town Center
Chef Rommel, was the first -ever Pizza Wars winner back in 2015.  Mastering his skills for the past few years made him bring home the bacon again for the second time.

Not only the panel of judges tasted the creations of the three Pizza Chefs. The guests and the media people was also able to try all the pizzas. And an exciting guessing game also happened.
Five wild guessers was able to bring home the winning pizza, and I'm one of them! It was actually my daughter's pick!

The panel of  judges was led by CPK president and CEO Archie Rodriguez, who was joined by CPK chief financial officer Griffith Go, Celebrity Chef & Philippine Culinary Icon, Sandy Daza, and Social Media Foodie Guru Spanky Enriquez.
I'm so excited to see these 3 amazing pizzas to the CPK Pizza Menu!
Congratulations Chef Rommel Panaligan!

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