Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches Are Here To Save Our Day, Mommies!

Our Saturday schedule was all packed, but I made it a point to make it for this super fun event of Gardenia. Though the traffic was terrible on our way to the venue, the event itself made it worth it.

My daughter first tasted the peanut butter pocket sandwich and she loved it! They also have chocolate flavor, of course kids all time favorite.

Now on our 4th year of homeschooling, I already mastered by daughter's eating habit. I realized that even staying at home requires meal planning.  And this pocket sandwiches is a heaven sent. This can lessen my time of preparation for her in between meals during study time.

As we all know that Mom stands for “Master Of Making-things-work-out.” And the cliché of the tired moms doing all of these chores, cooking, and taking care of the kids has evolved into an empowered woman who could still do everything in house but still manages to work with their chosen career paths, whether they go to the office or work from home.
We busy as moms has been juggling various roles, from taking care of the household to also providing whatever the whole family needs, we are best known for our foremost role, to be a loving, caring, giving mother not our children.

But being a “M-O-M” is no easy feat, and sometimes, moms do need some help in order to make things work out with not just paying the bills, helping out in bringing some food on the table, or sending their kids to school.
Most importantly, moms are expected to be there for their children, in taking care of them and witnessing the milestones that their children achieve— showing much of their love for their kids. When kids are attending school or having some fun times with their playmates, they could only feel their mom’s love most of the time with the “baon” she prepares for them.


Moms could whip up some meals that her kids will definitely love because of how very well she knows her children, but when she is pressed with the time needed to prepare she would definitely find a great ally in Gardenia-- a soft, freshly-baked bread that is great-tasting and nutritious. Helping hardworking moms everywhere to show their kids a pocket full of fun and a mother’s love, the country’s leading bread maker now introduces its newest product that kids will surely enjoy --the Gardenia Pocket Sandwich.

Sharing with you the photos from the media launch of Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches.


From entrance, the kids could contain their excitement to play the games and visit the boots around the events place. It's the Gardenia Fun Fair!

Why Mom’s love and Gardenia make a pocket full of fun?
Made with two slices of soft and luscious white bread, Pocket Sandwich has no edges and is perfectly sealed, making it a convenient snack for the kids and not messy to eat. Because it is made by Gardenia, it is guaranteed safe because these sandwiches are produced in a clean and sanitized environment.

Now, moms need not worry about sandwich preparations every morning and can now have more time for their kids. Gardenia pocket sandwich is easy to carry around in their lunch boxes or bags, so kids could bring them to school and enjoy the energizing “baon” during breaktime or in-between playtimes.


The sandwich is baked fresh every day so kids can enjoy chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches anytime and anywhere. While kids are at school or around the neighborhood playing with their friends, any mom would know that their kids need all the energy and nutrition from what they eat. Any mother knows that a growing child who eats all the right healthy food could enjoy more from their childhood, and grow up strong and fit.

Which is why both Gardenia Pocket Sandwich variants are high in iron, which contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin; high in Vitamin B1 that helps release energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates; and has vitamin A, which is essential for the function of the eyes. Gardenia understands the plight of any mom who wants only the best for their kids. And thermarkets and convenience stores near you.
For more information and pocket full of fun, like Gardenia on Facebook at GSnack Treats or visit hope that with these new Pocket Sandwiches, Gardenia can ease off some of the work load from the busy life of a mom.

For only Php 15.00 (SRP), kids can now enjoy the newest Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, available in leading sup
Happy Back to School!

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