Monday, May 6, 2024

Doric Network to Host Developer Meetup in Makati City, Philippines

Makati City, Philippines, May 2024 - Doric Network, a startup blockchain platform for asset tokenization, will be hosting its first Developer Meetup in Makati City, Philippines on May 25th, 2024. The event aims to bring together blockchain developers, crypto enthusiasts, investors, and key industry players to discuss the future of tokenization and Doric Network's role in shaping the new era of finance.

Doric Network has made waves in the crypto sphere with its innovative tokenization solutions that make digital asset creation accessible for all. Through its Token Creator, Wallet, and Blockchain Explorer, it has created a user-friendly ecosystem for crypto adoption.

During the event, representatives from the project will provide insightful presentations about the platform, its functionalities, and its potential applications. Attendees will also gain valuable knowledge about Doric Network's SDK and explore the exciting possibilities of building innovative applications on the Doric Network Blockchain. The meetup will also provide an environment for developers to connect, share ideas, and forge valuable connections within the Doric Network community.

Here are the things that will be covered at the event:

  • The benefits and real-world use cases of asset tokenization
  • How Doric Network enables anyone to launch tokenized assets with the Token Creator
  • The enhanced security, convenience, and transparency the platform provides through its Wallet and Blockchain Explorer
  • Integrating with the Doric Network to build next-generation DeFi and crypto applications
  • The roadmap for Doric Network's continued growth and mainstream adoption

Doric Network will also introduce its new Web3 Incentive Program to support and boost the projects in the Doric Blockchain Ecosystem. This program offers tangible help and rewards for projects aiming to grow and make a difference in the Web3 world.

The Doric Network Developer Meetup will take place on May 25, 2024, from 2 pm to 5 pm at the Amare La Cucina in Makati City, Philippines. Registration is free and open to all - developers looking to build on Doric Network are especially encouraged to attend. Registration is now open via:

For further information about Doric Network, the Developer Meetup, or any media inquiries, please contact Stay connected with the latest developments of Doric Network in Asia by following our official channels:

About Doric Network

Doric Network launched in 2023 to spearhead the new era of decentralized finance. The project enables anyone to tokenize assets through its straightforward Token Creator, trade tokens on its secure platform, and track transactions on its public Blockchain Explorer. Doric Network aims to build a more open, connected financial future. For more information, visit

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