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From left to right: Edwin Michael Wenceslao, VP Treasury of DMWAI; Edwin Olivarez, 1st District Representative of Paranaque City; Eric Olivarez, Paranaque City Mayor; Sylvia Wenceslao, Chairperson of DMWAI; Delfin “Buds” Wenceslao, CEO and President of DMWAI


Aseana City, the premier business and lifestyle district in the Manila Bay area, recently held its first Christmas Lighting Ceremony at Parqal. The grand celebration illuminated the entire Aseana City estate with charming Filipino-themed Christmas decorations, ushering in the season of joy and camaraderie.


Aseana City ushers in the spirit of the holidays with its first Christmas Lighting Ceremony held at Parqal.

As the sun sets on Aseana City, the Christmas Lighting Ceremony unfolded with a serenade from the students and teachers at Nord Anglia International School, one of Aseana City's esteemed international schools. These budding talents symbolized the hope and promise inherent in the dawning of a brighter tomorrow. The enchanting melodies were not confined to the students alone; the event was further elevated by the captivating voices of Himig Rizalia, an esteemed chorale group hailing from the Rizal Technological University.


Guests were enchanted by the sweet, captivating voices of students and teachers from Nord Anglia International School (left) and the Himig Rizalia Chorale of Rizal Technological University (right)

The unveiling of the estate's Christmas lights began with the ceremonial lighting of the majestic Christmas tree, a towering centerpiece installed at the Parqal Amphitheater. The entire city was bathed in the welcoming glow of vibrant lights, creating a magical atmosphere that enveloped both residents and visitors in the spirit of the season. Enhancing the festive ambiance is the breathtaking light show of the Parqal Canopy, painting the night sky with a symphony of music and colors.

"We are thrilled to inaugurate Aseana City's first Christmas Lighting Ceremony, a magical event that brings our community together in the spirit of joy and camaraderie. This marks the beginning of a new tradition, and we invite everyone to visit Aseana City and join us in creating lasting memories and embracing the festive spirit that defines this special season”, said Buds Wenceslao, CEO and President of D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc (DMWAI).

D.M. Wenceslao welcomes everyone to embrace the holiday season at Aseana City and revel in the delightful Christmas decorations adorning its estate. Experience the nighttime spectacle of the Parqal Canopy light show from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.




DMWAI is an integrated property developer with expertise in land reclamation, construction, and real estate development. It is the master developer and primary owner of Aseana City, a development project with a total land area of 107.5 hectares located along the coastal waters of Manila Bay. Since 1965, DMWAI has reclaimed more than 2.4 million square meters of land, leased or developed 250,000 square meters of land and buildings, and completed over 140 construction and infrastructure projects including large, complex government developments throughout the Philippines. For further information, visit or contact

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