Sunday, June 11, 2023

Fun Ways to Learn and Develop Skills Online for Kids and Even Adults


The world really has evolved in just a few years basically changing how we are living our lives. The onset of innovations on technology has affected our daily living not only on how we do things but also digitalized many aspects our activities. There is no doubt that the profound reach and advancement of the internet has integrated in our live in many ways. And as a mom, I sometimes worry if this is bad or a good thing especially when I think about how kids these days are spending time playing games online.

Most kids today (including adults) are glued on their phones or computers playing games. It’s no brainer that parents like me often worry about the negative effects of online games on children. However, there are some online games that are free to access which I also found enjoyable to spend some time playing them. What I learned is that these simple and yet entertaining games can provide value which could be beneficial for kids and even adults like me!

I am sharing some of my favorite free online games that I discovered which I believe is beneficial to kids and adults alike.

Supermarket Numbers Game Online

This is a very simple and yet powerful arithmetic practice game. The game will set a numerical goal which is found in the left corner of the playing field which has a supermarket background on its platform. Early stages of the game will have addition blocks. Players have to select the correct blocks to reach the numerical goal given. As the game progresses, arithmetic functions include subtraction, division and multiplication. There are ten stages in this number game and each one is numerically challenging in a fun way.

What I love about the Supermarket Number Game:

·         It practices your ability to perform arithmetic functions

·         It can enhance visual and mental skills while identifying the correct set of numbers to come up with an answer

·         Great brain exercises that kid of any age will enjoy


Pizza Café Online Game

Pizza Cafe game online is a restaurant simulation game where you should quickly attend and serve each customer the exact pizza they ordered. This game has an easy-to-understand set-up with diners seated with a “thought bubble” above them indicating their request. Ingredients are laid on the counter but these too needs to be replenished as diners are filling up the pizza café.


Why I love playing Pizza Café online?

·         This game will test your memory. As you progress the game will practice your memory skills wherein you should mentally take note of each diner’s order.

·         Pizza simulation game also test your agility in preparing the pizza. How quickly you can deliver each order while considering if there are enough ingredients left on the prep table.

Farm Town Game Online

The free to play online Farm Town game is a farming and food simulation game with challenging 40 stages. The game will give the player an idea on the processes of farming and how this will convert to food production. The Farm Town game is challenging at first and you need to have a keen attention to detail in order to succeed in each level. It is visually appealing and fun to play too.

What I love about playing Farm Town Game:

·         The game will help you develop a greater sense of patience. Since the game is about farming, players will have a quick overview of how food is produced with processes they will require patience and dedication.

·         Playing the farm town game will also help in developing skills in making business since this will involve selling goods to upgrade the farm and improving the processes.

·         Fun to play and interactive game great in making free online time more productive. 

Final Thoughts

What’s amazing about playing online games on your spare time is that not only you get to enjoy these free simulation games but you also have the opportunity to improve skills important in intellectual development. I like the fact the website offers free games suitable for kids of all ages and yet entertaining for adults too.

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