Wednesday, June 21, 2023

DAZZLE ME 24/7 Wonderfullip Lip Serum Review: Gorgeous Healthy-Looking Lips in One Go

We may put in a lot of effort to look pretty and feel good by having proper skin care starting with our face. Like most women, I have a skincare routine covering both day and night using facial cleansers, creams, and serums.  With my foolproof beauty regimen, I feel that I am properly taking care of my skin since I don’t usually have any (facial) skin issues. However, I feel there is something lacking especially when I look into a mirror barefaced with no makeup on. It’s my lips- it feels and looks dry making it a less appealing focal point of my facial structure.

Looks so natural on me.

You see, lips are unique facial structures, as unique as our fingerprints. Lips have important roles in enjoying our food, sound articulation for us to communicate, and facial expressions. Lips are also sensitive organs and erogenous zones that will complement our own appearance. Good thing there is a way to keep my lips gorgeously healthy looking by using my newly discovered beauty hack- Dazzle Me Wonderfullip Lip Serum.

What is DAZZLE ME 24/7 Wonderfullip Lip Serum?

This is a multifunction lip gloss/sheen that can be used as a topper and as an effective lip treatment. It is bottled in a handy see-through container (2.0g) with a cute pink brush in an oil-based transparent clear formulation.

My super go-to lip serum.

Dazzle Me Wonderfullip Lip can be used as a primer under a matte lippie and work as a color intensifier when used over mattified lips. As a lip treatment, it can help in reducing lip lines while providing long-lasting moisturization.

All-natural Key Ingredients: Perfect blend of nature-derived ingredients for healthy lips!

·         Rose Oil- preventive and healing effect against chapped lips.

·         Grapeseed Extract- acts as a protective barrier against harmful free radicals.

·    Pomegranate Extract- nourishing effect while restoring lips’ natural pinkish    color.

·   Jojoba Seed Oil- locks in moisture while providing a natural plumping effect   diminishing the appearance of lip lines.

My DAZZLE ME 24/7 Wonderfullip Lip Serum Review and Experience

It was love at first glide! Really it is and I am sure you're  going to love it too, here’s why...


   Never sticky! Unlike the ones I tried before, Dazzle Me lip serum glides on smoothly without any sticky feeling and it stays in place without any bleeding.

ü  Provides instant nourishment because the formulation is quickly absorbed.

ü  Diminishes bothersome lip lines. Just like a filler- it plumps my lips up!

ü  Gives a natural pinkish lip color that lasts for hours!  Wearing it alone, I love how naturally youthful my lips look with a pink tinge.

ü  Brightens up my lips when I use it under and over my favorite matte lippie.

ü  Treats chapped and dry lips!

ü  Very affordable all-in-one lip gloss treatment.

If you want your lips to be plumped, dewy, moisturized, and with a healthy glossy look then you must try DAZZLE ME 24/7 Wonderfullip Lip Serum. I’ve been using it twice a day to keep my lips feeling and looking gorgeous without worrying about dryness and lip lines too. A highly recommended lip treatment that should be part of any beauty arsenal.

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