Thursday, October 6, 2022

Barenbliss coming from "beauty in-joy" and brand's unique "B+N+B" Philosophy

Are you a fan of lipsticks? If not, here's something you'll definitely love. Because I'm so particular with what I put on my lips, this new brand from Korea gave a bliss. It's important that I still support our Mother Nature even with the simply and small things. Be it from the food we eat and even on what we use to our body most specifically on our skin.

You don’t want to miss this one. The Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint is a hero product you didn’t know you needed. This game-changing soft-textured and easy to blend lip tint is a dream that’s formulated for everyone who’s always on the go. It is easy to blend, moisturizing, and sweet scented lip tint.

Earlier this year, the loose powder and compact powder has immediately become cult favorites to so many beauty-lovers out there. After being reviewed and recommended by countless content creators on Tiktok and Youtube platform, these makeup products have really set the bar in the beauty industry. However, due to the massive demand for Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint, a good huge change about barenbliss’s best of the best might be changed. 

To put things simply, The Lip Tint is the ultimate game changer and it is set to be the hottest of barenbliss in the market.

Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint comes in a variety of shades to choose from

For only Php 399 you can grab your desired lip tint shade. This collection’s got it all for you from 01 Paradise Found, 02 Pretty Please to 03 Take Change and last but definitely not the least 04 Never Settle.

A sweet-peach-scented lip tint that is weightless and delivers glossy and intense color. 

Embodying the BNB core, Bare Essentials, No Harm and Bliss Moments. This collection will definitely have your lips well-nourished.

This is formulated with zero animal cruelty. It is alcohol free, paraben free, and Mineral Oil free.

With just one swipe of this peachy glossy tint, and another for full sweet lips, you will never go wrong with this product.

I've tried 2 shades and I love them both, 03 Take Change & 04 Never Settle. The name even fits well on my personality.

Guess what, men in makeup was not just unusual here in the Philippines but it  was looked down upon; nevertheless, we can see progressive strides towards improving this notion throughout the years. From Vice Ganda; Bretman Rock to Paolo Ballesteros- these are just some of the most powerful Filipino names in the makeup industry that inspire others to explore and be themselves, but why do some men still have issues experimenting with make up even if they want to? 

Some men are having difficulties finding the right product that caters to their needs. There exists a stigma wherein people believe that only queer men wear make up. This results in certain men wanting a more natural finish when it comes to make up. The perfect products to achieve that natural “no makeup-makeup look” as well as those that are great for “on-the-go” are hard to come by in the Filipino market.

In Korea, makeup is a beauty staple not only for women but also for men. For this reason, you can see the difference between Filipino and Korean culture in beauty. barenbliss, a Korean cosmetic brand was introduced to the Filipino market last May 2022 and one of its goals is to provide high-quality, easy-to-use cosmetics for all. Its makeup products enhance one’s natural beauty and are marketed not only to women but to men as well.barenbliss introduces the skincare-infused True Beauty.

You Can Add This to Cart for a Counted Discount

This Shopee and Lazada’s 9.9 sale, you can already avail this product with a 10% discount. From Php 399, to Php 360. Not bad, BNBaes, is it?

All these items are available at Shopee, Lazada,TikTop Shop, in selected Watsons branches, checkout yours now!

About Barenbliss

barenbliss(벨 엔드 빌리스)shortened as BNB is a fun and joyful K-beauty

brand designed for global youth, created by Korean Makeup Artist Jina Kim

(김진아). Since its launch in South Korea, the brand has gained beauty

editor's award from Beauty+ and editor’s recommendations from GlowPick,

Allure, based on its high-performance and attractive design.

Going from "beauty in-joy" and brand's unique "B+N+B" Philosophy with Bare

essentials, No harm, and Bliss moments, we are committed to create epic

enjoyable and pay-off products. 

Complete your real Korean girl's look and go

where your heartbeats. For more information, please visit:

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