Tuesday, October 6, 2020

NegativiTEE : Tees are always In!

This pandemic period, we go back to simple things in life. From extravagant #OOTD, we now end up wearing our favorite big or fitted old shirts as we stay at home for days and months. Even I myself wears my plain shirts for going out doing errands. 

My tweeny is absolutely a fan of big Tees! She loves wearing oversized shirts as she likes the comfort of its cloth. Her new #negativiTEE shirt is now her latest fave. She could wear it almost every time after it's done fresh from the laundry.

My daughter actually had a hard time picking her design as there are plenty of cute designs to choose from. From cool, funny statement shirt to pop culture parody shirts. The Korean Oppa shirts even caught her attention. But she decided to get "Legends are born in August" as the thought will stay forever.

NEGATIVITEE started the original concept back in 2007. It is a collection of cool, funny, nerdy, geeky & pop culture parody T shirts we started in 2007 showcasing black one-liner t-shirts with negative traits thus, the tagline WEAR YOUR IMPERFECTIONS it then evolved into other witty shirts now, we are into customized printing.

You can grab your own shirt and even have your own thoughts printed.

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