Thursday, October 22, 2020

Continue to aspire and move forward, Allianz PNB Life urges in new video


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Allianz PNB Life, one of the leading insurance companies in the country and the world, encourages people to have the courage to realize their dreams through a recently released video, which features people from all walks of life breaking boundaries to realize their respective passions.


“As a trusted partner for individuals, families, and organizations for their insurance and financial services requirements, Allianz has been given a unique perspective to understand how pivotal a person’s courage and determination is to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. We released this video to channel the strength from the people we have been fortunate to serve, and use this to uplift others that may be feeling lost during these unprecedented times,” said Gino Riola, Senior Vice President, Head, Market Management Centre of Excellence - Allianz Asia Pacific.


The video is a follow-up to their Courage over COVID-19 campaign, which aimed to help people adapt to and navigate the so-called “new normal”, while bolstering confidence for the company’s reliability among customers, employees, and financial advisors. Prior to the video’s release, Allianz PNB Life produced the Caffeine Boost podcast, which featured subject matter experts discussing different ways to achieve financial resiliency and wellness. discussing different ways to achieve financial resiliency and wellness.


Currently, the company is running the Allianz Life Expert series, a comprehensive guide on how to survive and thrive in spite of the pandemic. Episodes can be viewed via the Allianz PNB Life Facebook page


“We understand that there are people whose plans may have been derailed by the pandemic. However, we hope that our campaign urges them to move forward, and encourage them to seize and realize the promising future ahead of them. More importantly, we wish to reassure them that Allianz PNB Life is there to support them in their respective journeys towards a brighter, more secure future,” Riola said.


Visit for more information on how Allianz PNB Life can help safeguard your health and financial future. You may also follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to speak with any of their Life Changers.


You can watch the video here:



About Allianz PNB Life


Allianz PNB Life began its operations in 2001 and is among the major life insurers in the Philippines. Worldwide, Allianz is also considered the most sustainable insurer from 2017 to 2019 according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We are a leading provider of Variable Life products, complemented by a full line of Life protection offerings for individuals and institutions. All our products and services are designed to meet the lifetime financial planning, wealth accumulation, and well-being aspirations of every Filipino Family.


Allianz PNB Life’s main headquarters is in Makati City, the country’s main business district, with eleven business centres strategically located in key cities across the archipelago. It has the support of over 220 employees and more than 1000 financial advisors to serve our dear policyholders and deliver great customer service experiences.


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Anonymous said...

Wow super nice naman po etong campaign ng PNB alliance. Nakakainspired na kahit anong pagsubok man ang mangyare we need to move forward. 😊

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