Thursday, October 15, 2020

Are you sure your moringa supplement is safe and effective for breastfeeding?


Superfood moringa or malunggay is well known for being every breastfeeding mom’s best friend – with many consuming moringa as part of their meals or turning to supplements to increase their milk supply. Although moringa has been proven to contain enormous nutritional value and benefits, not all moringa supplements are sourced responsibly or undergo stringent testing, putting moms and their babies at risk of ingesting products that can be harmful to them both.


With the EU-certified 100% organic Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa, mom can have the peace of mind that her breastfeeding supplement can safely and effectively provide the nutritional needs of her body and her baby. The moringa capsules are processed in pharma-grade facilities and have gone through several laboratory tests more stringent than the registration requirements for food supplements to ensure their purity, safety, and efficacy.


With breast milk serving as the main source of nourishment for their babies, moms should be extra conscious of what food they eat or supplements they take. Research suggests that moringa plants are nature’s filters since they absorb and store environmental pollutants, particularly heavy metals and toxins, which may be harmful to our bodies when ingested.


As a supplement, a moringa product’s safety is majorly dependent on the source of its raw ingredients, and its effectiveness may be affected by how it is processed. Non-organic, low quality and non-registered moringa supplements may put babies at risk of drinking breast milk contaminated by these pollutants, while losing the nutrients and making them ineffective if not carefully processed.


Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa is the only 500mg moringa supplement in the Philippines that is EU-certified organic and 100% locally sourced, which means it has fulfilled strict conditions on how they’re produced, transported, and stored.


The first offering under Sekaya Food Supplements, a line of natural food supplements that is designed, formulated, and tested with pharma grade standards and 100% sourced and manufactured in the country, it is made from 100% pure and organic Moringa oleifera leaves powder, and contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy or wheat. It also has no artificial color, flavor or fragrance


Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa has many other benefits and is intended to provide whole food nutrition to maintain mom’s wellness at every stage of motherhood

Rich in disease-preventing anti-oxidants, essential amino acids, and anti-inflammatory agents, as well as vitamin C, A, calcium, potassium, and protein, moringa is a good complement to mom’s diet.


With the organic, science-based, and pharma-grade Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa, moms are assured that they are provided with ample whole food nutrition they need to keep up with the demands of breastfeeding, while keeping themselves and their babies safe and healthy. 


Moringa has long been used to increase a breastfeeding mother's daily milk production. It’s also traditionally used as a natural immunity booster, making it a good complement to mom’s diet so she’ll have enough energy to take care of her family and keep her body healthy.

Sekaya Food Supplements Organic Moringa is available in and Allganic retail stores, and online in Lazada, Zalora and Shopee under the S Sentials Store.


You may also order through the Synnovate Flagship Store in Lazada, or by messaging via Facebook or Instagram, and SMS or Viber at 0917-5SEKAYA (735292).


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