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THE CS-EYE : Concordia International University and Unibiz Smartcop Co.,Ltd. Launching Event

Concordia International University in partnership with Unibiz Smartcop. Co., Ltd had a successful launch of the CS-EYE CCTV Equipment, Solutions and Services at Dusit Thani Manila last November 27, 2015. The event was graced by the full force of Korean guests and esteemed students of Concordia International University.

The event started with a meaningful welcome message from the Honorary President of Concordia International College of Asia and Pacific. 

A video message from the Honorary Charmain of Unibiz Smartcop Co., Ltd. According to Mr. Lee, the company was established in 2010 and for 5 years they have been developing the security management system and video black box development. The height of technology system, providing it locally, they became the new paradigm of security system and new information technology.

The most exciting part of the program was the product presentation. The Chief Executive Officer of Concordia International University, Mr. Kong did a great job in presenting the actual use of the smart phone with the security application. Using his own smart phone, we're able to see how the CCTV and the smartphone application work. It seemed so easy to use. With the combination of information, communication and technology the security system can be possible enough to protect us from possible danger or untoward instances around us. 

Even I myself got so interested with the features of the CCTV. It seems to be too good to be true...But it's true!  I believe that this is an efficient tool to help in surveillance system that is much needed now a days at home, school, and even at workplace.

Unmanned Imaging Security

SMARTCOP CCTV allows user to check CCTV in remote area at any time anywhere in real time and provides real-time CCTV imaging security and 24-hour unmanned anti-theft services based on communication network and allows user to check images as soon as receiving a signal of trespassing

  •  Max. 50% cheaper than other companies' products
  •  Installing CCTV and anti-theft sensor at the same time
  • Allowing user to check images of store and office when there is a signal of trespassing.
  • Calling 112 and controlling lightings as well as entrance simultaneously
  • Security insurance guaranteed (theft, damage, injury, fire, etc.)
  • Securing dual recorded evidence in case of an emergency
  • It becomes customer's asset after the installment period of 24/36 months and after-service is
  • Available with low cost.

Innovation of unmanned security system! Excellent technology! Safety upgrade for living space
 "A new paradigm now starts in security market"
This is the actual CCTV footage from Korea using Mr. Kong's smart phone.
Here's what the CCTV can do:

The product is different from lp surveillance camera including recording, listening, speaking, controlling the light. If you run the application you can see the video of the place through the smart phone and you can control the light, alarm light on and off and more..

  • You can control the door open or close
  • You can speak and you can listen
  • You can open the air conditioning system
  • You can virtually control the electrical or electronic
  • You can store the emergency numbers like the police hotline, etc.
  • You can send automated alarm system on and off
  • You can manage the person who can can only enter
  • You can can see the recorded video through your smart phone anytime.
  • When an intruder comes into the plaque it can automatically send the text message through the smart phone and immediately the camera will be sent through the smart phone.

This invention will not only save us from danger, I could say that it is the most convenient way and even less expensive means in ensuring our safety.

We can watch our family members if we are away from them and even listen and speak to them. Our business can be monitored where ever we go as long as we have the smart phone application with us. 

The declaration of partnership and memorandum of agreement signing followed after the product demonstration.

The AC LED lights was also displayed during the launch of the CCTV. Unibiz Smartcop also intend to help Philippines shine at night time. The LED lights saves energy, money and is safer to use as lighting system.

This collaborative efforts only shows the strong relationship between Philippines and Korea. The countries that has been doing business together for many years and years to come.
The amazing woman behind Concordia International University Philippines, the President gave her wonderful final words. It was such an honor to have met her before the start of the program.

The event will not be complete without the group picture taking to capture the moments of business, friendship and success rolled in one event. 

GROUPIE with the Beautiful President of Concordia International University with the equally beautiful Bloggers

Korea and Philippines working together to protect lives!

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