Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NRS Business Solutions: Media & Bloggers Night at Realship Yacht

 I was blessed to get an invitation to attend this event.  It was an awesome experience to spend the night with cocktails, good food and great company. We got to cruise around the area for two hours while mingling with fellow media and bloggers. We got see the sunset by the bay and it was so beautiful.

A short and yet a sweet program inside the yacht as we meet the event organizers and the owner of the NRS Business Solutions.  A generous raffle prizes to fire up our emotions... What a luxurious evening! Over-flowing wine while watching the fireworks to end the night of celebration!

NRS Business Solutions

It was a privilege to have met the successful woman behind NRS and hear her story how she started with her adventure in her line of business. NRS was actually named after her full name, nothing can be clever than that. NRS is doing good and in fact is already growing to have its branch in other country. 

The young woman is visionary, Norlin came up with the brainchild of THIS revolutionary approach to business services. With key strengths in the four functional aspects of Business Management, she has become a staple in the field of startups. Her extensive background and experience in the end-to-end processes of each phase of an entity’s operations has given her the ultimate leverage to stay at the forefront of today’s dynamic industry. At the helm of NRS Business Solutions, she continues to be a driving force in the business, helping existing and new joints become successful in their chosen playing field.

Having gone around and worked for various BPOs, helped clients from various industries, gave us the inspiration to make our dream BPO setup possible. And so, NRS Business Solutions and Events was born. It was like the road less traveled for us albeit it being the work we so loved doing as we struggled from the beginning and we had to contend with more established companies. The only talisman we have is our brand name, the fact that we have made a whole slew of clients happy in the past earned us quite a reputation in the startup circles. The biggest accomplishment to-date is the coveted, Bill and Melissa Gates’ funded project in Africa, the AfSIS survey project which saw us working closely with renowned scientist and mathematicians to help make Africa more sustainable agriculturally. Locally, we collaborated heavily with the local government of Imus City and the longest- running noontime show, Eat Bulaga, to donate 1 ton of plastic bottles to their Juan for All, All for Juan cause and promote an environment- themed concert.

Today, we are not doing bad for a company who just started out November of last year. We have a number of transcription clients in the US plus several startup tech companies both here and abroad and we are just getting started. We have a robust lineup of customers coming on board in the next 2 quarters and we have a unique business development plan in place to ensure we become one of the industries’ shakers and movers.

We do not believe in just giving directions, we try doing them ourselves. We show our team it can be done and it can be done well to our standards.

Virtuosity is not a rarity
Mastery requires the skill, the will and the dedication. However, it is not limited to certain “gifted” individuals, anyone can be an expert. We provide our people with the tools, the support, and the training they need to excel at what they do.

Be your AMAZING everyday
We do not believe in mediocrity. We believe that the path to greatness is not as obscured as one might believe. The answer is simple: Tap your inner AMAZING and channel it through your work. The results will be (surprise! surprise!) AMAZING.
We are ONE with everyone
At NRS Business Solutions, we strongly believe how interconnected we all are. So, as part of our corporate social responsibility, we ensure that all our business processes do not pose any threat nor danger to our community. We are advocates of the environment, voices of peace and justice. We remain very impartial though as we uphold that neutrality serves no greater purpose other than the betterment of everyone.

NRS Business Solutions OFFERS SERVICES:

  • Startup Essentials
  • Talent Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Call Management (Inbound/ Outbound)
  • Data and Content Management
  • Back Office Processes
  • Transcription Services
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Events’ Management

+ 1 (323) 522-5976 • + (63) 2 859 2882
Facebook: nrsbusinesssolutions
LKG Tower, 37 Floor, 6801
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
1226 Philippines

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