Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Why I love to DAZZLE ME: Honest Review of Dazzle Me Lip Mask and Dazzle Me Mascara


With too many choices for cosmetic products on both locally made and imported brands, choosing the best ones for me is never easy.

Although I am not the type to put on heavy make-up, it is a must that I have a quality mascara and a lip tint/mask that would highlight my eyes and lips. These two make-up items are a staple among my beauty arsenal.

Good thing, I found an effective and yet affordable make-up system that provides me the natural look that I always wanted- thanks to DAZZLE ME. What’s even amazing is that, this brand is locally made that follows strict manufacturing standards.

Formulated by a top cosmetic authority based in L.A. California, Dazzle Me has been in the market since 2020. Each product from the Dazzle Me line adheres to the ethical ways of cosmetic manufacturing thus ensuring us that it’s cruelty-free, non-toxic, dermatologically tested and made from the best skin nourishing ingredients.

Love my dazzling lips!

The DAZZLE ME Nourishing Lip Sleeping Mask is a lip therapy treatment designed to moisturize and nourish the lips. It provides overnight care, giving me softer and healthier lips. The formula includes ingredients known for their hydrating properties, contributing to a more supple and smoother lip texture.

Dazzle Me lip mask is very effective in preventing dryness and chapped lips. The overnight application allows for deep hydration, and the mask is lightweight, ensuring a comfortable feel during use. The pleasant scent adds to the overall user experience.

4 Ways to Use Dazzle Me Lip Mask

ü  Daily moisture- just apply a thin layer and reapply whenever lips are dry.

ü  Overnight lip treatment- apply a thick layer and wake-up to well-nourished supple lips.

ü  Lip primer- glide thin layer before your lipstick keeping lips smoother with a silky pout.

ü  Lip sheen- apply a layer to keep a natural shine for dewy lips.



Those dazzling eyes!

The DAZZLE ME Mascara boasts several features aimed at enhancing the appearance of lashes. With just a few strokes it offers a long-lasting, volumizing, curling, and lash-lifting mascara. I also love that it’s smudge-proof and lightweight.

I love how the Dazzle Me mascara gives a noticeable volume and curl to my lashes. The long-lasting formula ensures that the effects persist throughout the day without smudging, addressing a common concern for many mascara users. The lightweight nature of the product contributes to a comfortable wear, avoiding the heaviness often associated with some mascaras.

Another feature of Dazzle Me mascara is the brush design, I appreciate its application precision and the ability to reach even the smallest lashes. The product offers a reliable solution for those seeking a mascara that combines volume, curl, and durability.

Overall, I’m happy with this beauty hack- thanks to DAZZLE ME!

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