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Wireless speakers that will power up your next party idea!


Filipinos have an innate love for celebrations and getting together with their loved ones. As we step into the festive months, the joy of the holidays becomes even more pronounced. With holiday breaks offering more time to spend together, we make the best of the season by enjoying festivities through dance and music, creating memorable moments, and filling them with soulful rhythms and melodies.

As one of the trailblazers in the audio industry, Sony has been producing top-notch quality products that take every party to the next level. Its newest additions to the X-Series models – the SRS-XB100 portable wireless speaker and SRS-XV800 wireless party speaker — can elevate experiences by transforming ordinary gatherings into extraordinary celebrations. Want to know the secret to spicing up your party? Here are some ideas to have a blast at your next get-together!

Spur-of-the-moment hangouts

For outgoing and on-the-go audiophiles, parties can start anywhere, anytime! Spontaneous hangouts are a break from everyday life and a chance to embrace the moment, making them a source of fun and positive experiences. Enjoy every moment as it unfolds, seizing the opportunity to make the most out of life.

Sing your heart out during road trips, pause at scenic overlooks, and let the music complement the breathtaking views. You and your friends can turn any location into an instant dance floor with a compact speaker like Sony’s SRS-XB100 that boosts your lively, party-ready spirit. Moreover, unplanned outdoor picnics are also easy and fun to enjoy. Spread out a blanket, savor a snack, and let the music set the mood. Whether it's acoustic tunes or upbeat tracks, music from quality speakers like the SRS-XB100 creates an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

Jamming and karaoke sessions

Filipinos are natural-born singers at heart, and jamming or karaoke sessions are the perfect way to bring out everyone’s inner superstar. At your next holiday get-together, organize a karaoke contest with Sony’s SRS-XV800 wireless party speaker and watch as everyone joins in, fostering camaraderie, laughter, and lasting memories. For those looking to unwind and enjoy a laid-back jamming session with friends over snacks and drinks, just play your favorite playlist, and sing along together!

Indoor and outdoor get-togethers

Get-togethers are special occasions that bring warmth and joy. Invite your loved ones to an intimate lunch or dinner just because! Whether it's with family, friends, or a romantic evening for two, catching up is essential to check in on each other. Make these moments even more special with music that creates the perfect atmosphere.

Another great way to spend time together is through an exciting game night filled with fun challenges. Test your musical knowledge by guessing song names and artists, break a sweat to trending dance challenges, and pull off a lip sync battle where participants perform the latest hits.

Sony’s X-Series offers a variety of features designed to enhance different types of get-togethers. The SRS-XB100 portable wireless speaker boasts a compact body and powerful, clear sound, making it perfect for spontaneous and on-the-go activities. Meanwhile, Sony’s SRS-XV800 wireless party speaker delivers powerful surround sound, ideal for larger celebrations. Whatever your needs may be, there's a Sony portable speaker to match your event’s vibe and energy.

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