Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Personal Collection supports Filipino women’s dreams through direct selling


In 2022, around 114 million people were involved in the direct selling market worldwide, marking a 10 million increase from 2015’s 104 million direct sellers globally. Seven out of ten direct sellers were women.


In March 2023, the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said that of all registered businesses in the country, 313,608 belong to women. The number is nearly 30 percent of the total 1.08 million registered establishments based on data from the Philippine Statistics Authority.


However, hundreds of thousands more Filipino women are working as entrepreneurs on their personal time —and many of them have chosen to become direct sellers, either on top of their office jobs or as full-time dealers.


Founded 20 years ago, Personal Collection (PC) offers opportunities to improve the lives of people who want to start their own businesses. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos, mostly women, have done so through its impactful business program — in their own time, at their own pace.


PC trains its dealers and puts them in a supportive community of like-minded people, which is especially beneficial for those new to entrepreneurship. Everyone has the same goal, whether they’re professionals working in offices or in retail or fast-food stores: to augment their existing income and achieve financial freedom faster. 


Here are more reasons why you should consider becoming a Personal Collection dealer.



Ethical, high-quality products


When given a choice, people will do the right thing for the environment. Today a lot more Filipinos are conscious of choosing ethically produced products in their everyday lives. Personal Collection’s #GreenLifeGreatLife Movement is the blueprint for its manufacturing practices. It is the first Filipino-owned company to transition from recyclable packaging to biodegradable packaging for all its consumer goods.  


Ethical and high-quality products make dealers proud to offer them to their network. PC products in homecare, personal care, baby care, men’s care, health care, fragrances, intimate apparel, food and beverage, and housewares are, by industry standards, considered best-in-class based on laboratory tests. This is what sets PC apart: Filipino women must genuinely feel passionate about the products they’re selling and this personal connection helps them sell more effectively and authentically.


Here are some fun figures that show people’s trust in the brand: PC’s products have washed 49 billion pieces of clothing; cleaned toilet bowls 188 million times; and disinfected households 530 million times.


Supportive network


Personal Collection offers training and support to their direct sellers to help them succeed in their businesses. They can access valuable resources and guidance, as well as connect with like-minded individuals who share their goals and offer mentorship.


PC has over 600 branches all over the Philippines with numerous active dealers that can guide them in achieving the Great Life through PC’s earning opportunities and quality, value-for-money products and services. 




Balancing family, work, and personal time can be challenging, but direct selling provides Filipino women with the flexibility to manage their schedules effectively. Moms can balance their responsibilities at home while still earning an income; full time employees can devote after-office hours to selling on weekdays and weekends; young, single women can work around their social schedule anytime.


Direct selling doesn't detract from one's life. Instead, it enriches it by introducing new skills, new acquaintances, and fresh perspectives that one would not encounter otherwise.


Availability of platforms to sell


With the availability of online platforms for direct selling, the only hindrance is one’s own lack of enterprise. Direct selling allows dealers to develop their skills and problem-solving abilities, fires up their imagination, and lets them do as much or as little as they want. It’s a business that allows people flexibility in terms of time, whether done face-to-face or through online social platforms.




The primary reason that we all work is to be able to enjoy life with our loved ones, and we can do this when we are financially independent from debts and obligations. The Great Life that Personal Collection Direct Selling offers is a buffer against the changing economic landscape of the Philippines. It allows dealers to continue generating income and moving closer to their dreams.


Direct selling is a low-cost entry point into entrepreneurship. With minimal upfront investment, direct sellers can start their own business and potentially grow it into a profitable venture. This makes it an accessible option for everyone who might not have the resources to invest in traditional business startups.



Explore and maximize your earning potential with Personal Collection. Be part of their wide network of dealers via its free registration. Official dealers will receive a free gift upon sign-up, and also enjoy perks, such as up to 25% off on all products and a credit line they can utilize. They also have an opportunity to earn like a manager in the future.


Take that first step toward the Great Life by registering to Personal Collection’s dealership program here.

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