Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Face a Flawless and Bright 2022 with Y.O.U Beauty


The arrival of a new year always brings hope for brighter days ahead. Despite the challenges we collectively faced last year, 2022 offers opportunities to celebrate, reflect, and build on our resolve to do better things this time around.


While resolutions are commonplace at the start of the year, it takes guided, conscious effort to turn a fresh start into your best year ever. As a game changer in the Philippine skincare industry, Y.O.U Beauty stands for empowering Filipinas across the country to pursue their dreams. From goal-setting to making the most out of “me” time, true to the brand’s commitment to upholding long-lasting beauty, Y.O.U Beauty shares these tips, tricks, and habits to achieve a flawless and bright 2022:


  1. Look back, then move forward. Take a moment to consider how the past year went for you. Ask yourself what personally went well and what you’d like to improve on. Setting aside time to reflect can help you better understand the highs and lows of last year and set a precedent for a great year ahead.


  1. Set reasonable and specific goals. When laying down your goals, plot them out according to the SMART principle – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. All of these qualities can help you set goals that are easier to accomplish, setting yourself up for more future success. Whether it’s to eat healthier by adding more fruits & veggies to your diet, or to enjoy radiant skin by using Y.O.U Beauty products formulated with Triple Bright Activator to achieve healthy skin from within, taking actionable steps towards our goals can shape how successful we turn out to be.


  1. Reach out. Quarantines and social distancing measures shouldn’t be an excuse to not maintain the connections we have with friends and loved ones. Set aside some time to send quick texts, calls or even video chats with family or friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. However, as phone and computer screens are also a source of UV rays that can harm skin, remember to keep your skin flawless with the power of SPF 40 and PA+++. 


  1. Keep things tidy. Much like Soft Marshmallow Powder’s ability to cover up blemishes on the skin, as studies show that a clean space is associated with happiness, satisfaction and calm[1], a little tidying up can go a long way in ensuring a smooth start to the year.




  1. Make time for yourself. With work and home life demanding so much of our time every day, the importance of setting aside time to focus on you cannot be underscored further. From squeezing in a short workout, indulging in a new passion, or even simply adding something new to your skincare routine, there’s nothing wrong with being good to yourself. With a keen understanding of the need for self-care that allows long-lasting beauty to bloom from within, Y.O.U Beauty is committed to providing every individual with accessible beauty products made with advanced technology.


Coming into a new year, confidence is key when it comes to going after your goals. To help Filipinas confidently face whatever comes their way this year, Y.O.U Beauty has launched a new product to help keep skin flawless and glow from within – The Radiance White BB Cream.  


As air pollution, sun exposure and lifestyle choices can cause dull and uneven skin tone, the Radiance White BB Cream by Y.O.U Beauty is designed to give skin a flawless look with a lightweight feel, while brightening skin and keeping it safe from the sun’s rays. The flawless natural look is made possible by Soft Marshmallow Powder that covers blemishes and makes the skin’s texture feel smoother. The Triple Bright Activator composed of Snow Mushroom, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C brightens, hydrates, and maintains skin elasticity, while SPF 40 and PA+++ are broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. 


The Radiance White BB Cream by Y.O.U Beauty is formulated to be free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, and mineral oil. To suit a wide range of skin tones, it comes in three variants: 01 Vanilla for fair skin, 02 Almond for medium light to medium deep skin, and 03 mocha for deep to medium skin.

This year, build the habits to go after your goals better. To help you confidently face whatever challenges may come your way, bring out your glow from within through The Radiance White BB Cream by Y.O.U Beauty. Shop the product range online today at the Y.O.U Beauty
Lazada and Shopee stores.



Y.O.U Beauty is an international beauty brand from HEBE Beauty Group. Upholding the brand philosophy of “Long-Lasting Beauty”, Y.O.U Beauty is committed to providing every individual accessible beauty with advanced technology, inspiring them to keep an exquisite attitude, blooming their long-lasting beauty from within. With a presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and other markets across the world, Y.O.U Beauty understands the needs of consumers from different markets and provides them across a product portfolio featuring makeup, skincare, body care, and beauty tools. For more information please visit: https://youofficial.com/


The Hebe Beauty Group is a multinational marketer of premium skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair styling products, registered in 2017 in Hong Kong. The company owns and manages a diverse portfolio of brands including Y.O.U Beauty, Glamfix, BarenBliss, De Parel, Dazzle Me, 7AM' Daisy, and JCOOL. HEBE Beauty Group has a global distribution network in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other markets around the world. HEBE Beauty Group's mission is to provide premium beauty products that meet the demands of consumers globally.


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