Tuesday, October 12, 2021

My Top 3 Favorite Solitaire Versions



Back in my childhood years, I can vividly remember, I always see my dad playing with cards whenever he has time before going to bed. And I thought that it could be his way of relaxation after his long day at work. Well, I actually see most adults in our family members playing that cool card game, that at young age, I was able to learn through watching them. I bet you know what card game I am talking about, the classic Solitaire!

Solitaire is a nice card game that is safe for kids, based on my own judgement. How can I say that?  Because it’s so easy and plain. Here's how I play the Solitaire game. 

You just have to lay seven cards and arrange it increasingly, like, starting with the first card face up then the next to the next card until the 7th card, until you complete the set. Place the remaining pile of cards on the side. Check the cards if you can move the ones face up and move it to other column so you can have a chance to open another card. You can move a card to the bottom of another card is one number higher than the other card in opposite color. If you have a face up card ACE, you set it on top for the 4 foundation pile cards that you have to complete. If you’re able to flip number 2 card, you should put it on top of the ACE with the same symbol. Same thing with other cards, you have to arrange it by numbers. Once there’s no more way for you to move other cards, then you can start drawing the cards by three, pick and place the card to columns where it belongs and arrange it again accordingly. Whenever you are stuck with the cards, you can flip up pile of cards on hand. Remember, Kings may be moved to empty spaces in the lines of cards. The game continues as you arrange your cards ascending order. Once you’re able to flip all the cards and rearranged back the cards to the 4 foundation pile cards, you’re then a winner.


Isn’t it easy as one, two, three?

And guess what, I discovered an online solitaire site where you can play online for free! Yes, totally FREE only at solitaire.org  There's no need to download the game to eat up your memory space. Just simply go to the site and play all you want anytime, anywhere you feel like.

It has number of versions that made me so interested trying them all. The most popular solitaire games are the core 5 games, Klondike , Freecell , Spider , Pyramid ,  TripeaksGolf . But of course, I came up with my first 3 top favorite versions.  


This is also known as classic solitaire or simply as solitaire, which is my very first favorite. With this old school version, even a 3rd grader can get the gist of this game. Actually, I already thought my 7 year old daughter how to play solitaire using the actual play cards and with her iPad as well.


On this version, game has 4 free cells you can temporarily store cards in. This version is good for a change. I like the way I get to complete this one.


It's so easy to play, with the three overlapping pyramids where you can remove cards one above or below the top card on the waste pile creating a beautiful pyramid.

Aside from different versions of solitaire, I got to try some other games from the solitaire.org site. The Candy House match and Treasures of Atlantis gives me a chill time playing with the colorful tiles and balls.

If you want some interactive games, solitaire also have more collection of games that you can enjoy.
  1. mahjong games https://www.solitaire.org/mahjong-games/

  2. hidden object games https://www.solitaire.org/hidden-object-games/

  3. card games (like gin rummy, crazy eights, euchre, hearts, etc) https://www.solitaire.org/card-games/

  4. connect 3 games (like zuma ball shooters or candy crush type games) https://www.solitaire.org/match-3-games/

  5. other fun online games (like pacman, tennis, etc.) https://www.solitaire.org/free-online-games/

Playing online games is a good way of exercising our brains and even our eyes.  And somehow, we also use our reflexes. At the same time, a source of entertainment and fun for individual. So, don't feel guilty playing some games online, as long as you can manage your time and play time.

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