Monday, August 9, 2021

Make Your Ultimate Themed Party Happen

Planning a major celebration? Better get your pen and paper and start listing down important details.  You don’t actually have to be an expert to throw an awesome party.  There are so many ways to make your event a memorable one. What’s important is for everyone to enjoy and have some fun to an amazing party.

Working as an event coordinator and organizer, I could say that planning is the key and party essentials as well. Here are some important things you need to make your party a thing to remember.

    Choose your theme

Theme is like the main focus of your event, where everything should be coordinated as one. There are plenty of themes where you can choose from.  Be it for children or adult party, you can pick from Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Pepper Pig, Disney Princesses, Justice League, Avengers, or super hero party. I have hosted adult parties from Cowboy, Luau, Gatsby, Masquerade, Jungle, Hat, Red Carpet, Hollywood, and a lot more.  

You need to make up your mind for the theme that you really want, because this sets the tone to your party.


    Decide on your character

You are the star of the party. Find the best costume that will fit your personality. But remember not to overdo it, most of the time, less is more.  As long you feel good and comfortable with your choice of clothes to wear for your costume, that’s all that really matter.

Look for party suppliers

With all the planning, working with reliable suppliers count a lot, as they should provide everything that you need for the event. Starting from party invitations, rsvp, sound system, tables, tablecloths chairs, drinkware, plates, giveaways, decorations, catering and don’t forget the cake if it’s a birthday party. All these should be aligned with the chosen theme. Unique decoration ideas are sure to delight the guests. With the killer decorations, guests will surely get the impression of how awesome the party they are getting into. While the right catering service that served comfort food and drinks to satisfy their palate can brighten the moment .


Book entertainment and extras

The life of the party also depends on the source of entertainment. The guests will definitely enjoy and appreciate the presence of well-known personalities. It is better to hire a professional or celebrity host and a special guest like the best celebrity impersonators to make the party a total blast.  

On top of that, you can add the musicians, dancers, magicians, ventriloquist, bouncy castles, and karaoke machines which is also popular. It will serve as the highlights of the affair, something that people can take home even to their sleep.

Surprise for runway and award the Best in Costume

Those who made an effort to dress up for the party will get a chance to feel the value of what they worked for the way they look for the event. This way, they can experience some confidence boost as they walk the runway. And a special award for the best in costume to cap the evening.

Whether you are doing a birthday, graduation or a company party, you need the same enthusiasm to pullup one of the best parties of all time. Special occasion is worth your time and energy for a day to remember.

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