Thursday, January 14, 2021

Derma Science Hand Sanitizer Gel, our partner to fight disease transmission


A new variant of COVID-19 surprised us early this first month of the year. A sure added worry to many as how can we protect ourselves from the virus.

Knowing that diseases can be transmitted through our hands, the search for what’s the best agent can we trust can be another concern. Because we always have to keep our hands clean, we need something to bring along with us. We can’t definitely have a sink, soap and water beside us anywhere we go.  That’s when a handy yet reliable hand sanitizer is what we need for mobile activities.

Here’s the good news! Derma Science hand sanitizer gel was introduced in our country, Friday last week. According to Mr. Romer Estrada, Product Manager of Derma Science, it is the best hand sanitizer available in the Philippines. 
Derma Science Hand Gel addresses our need for effective hand cleansing without sacrificing the moisturizing of our skin.

Supported with the timely discussion about hand sanitizer by derma expert, Dr. Dorris Velasco during the launch, I was enlightened about the wonder of hand sanitizer.

Call it old school but the sure way to keeping our hands clean is through hand-washing with soap and water. Yes, still the best way if it’s available.

According to dermatologist Dr. Doris Velasco, using hand sanitizer gels is the next best thing to hand-washing. That’s a great relief. 

Based from Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, Dr. Velasco mentioned that it is recommended that hand sanitizers should have at least 60% alcohol content in order to destroy the SARS COV-2 lipid protective barrier or coating. However, rubbing high concentration of alcohol on your skin may cause skin dryness or skin irritation because it disrupts the natural protective layer of oil on our skin. Which I really agree with. Even the strong scent of ordinary alcohol hurts my nose badly because of its painful smell.

And it’s the main reason why hand sanitizer gels were created because it contains moisturizers to counter-act skin dryness caused by other products.

Hand sanitizers are also quite handy and easier to carry. You can carry along with you a small bottle in your bag, usually, belt bag for me. I can bring it with me wherever I go.

    Benefits of Sakura Extracts

  •  Helps maintain smooth and supple skin
  •  It has anti-inflammatory properties
  •  Helps prevent uneven skin by limiting melanin production (whitening effect)
  •  Mild and delightful fragrance

Soap and water is still the best combination of hand washing and is still the best hand sanitizing technique. But since we have to go out and leave the house for work or errands, a good hand sanitizer should accompany us.

Key Points To Remember

1. Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol for more effective cleansing in order to kill the microbes or viruses according to the CBC

2. One to 2 drops of hand sanitizer gel are enough to use or until the whole area of your hands from palm to fingers are properly covered and rubbed well.

3. Once properly applied let it dry completely on its own and you are ready to go!

Remember, right choice of hand sanitizer is a great alternative to hand washing if the water and soap tandem is not available. Hand sanitizer can  be a good follow up sanitation and added protection as well. Especially when you are out and has touched some surfaces around you.

Two variants:

  • A 100ml bottle @ Php110
  • Infused with Sakura extracts, has a 
  • Mildly fragrant smell and is perfect for personal use

  • A 490ml bottle @Php320
  • Infused with German chamomile extract
  • Scent-free and is perfect for general use

Both infusions are proven effective and serves the same benefits in helping to retain skin moisture and repair natural skin barriers. They also have anti-aging properties due to their wide array of anti-oxidants as mentioned by Mr. Estrada.

Derma Science Hand Gel also has 70% alcohol content but no colorants and is quick drying, letting you effectively cleanse your hands without that sticky feeling.

It's Paraben-freeDerma Hand Science Hand Gel is also paraben-free. Parabens are preservative substances that are harmful to our health since it contains some carcinogenic properties. Paraben not only produces dry skin, they can disrupt hormone function in women leading to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.

On our experience, since me and my daughter are both using the Derma Science hand sanitizer, we noticed that it really moisturizes our hands after use. We love the scents every time we apply it. Gives us soothing feeling while rubbing the gel on our hands. We love this hand gel.

Will you now use Derma Science hand sanitizer gel if water and soap are absent? We now have a choice to not settle on other products that can harm our skin even our health. Make your choice.

Want your own bottle (or bottles!) of Derma Science Hand Sanitizer Gel?

You can get them at ShopeeLazada or at!



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