Wednesday, April 22, 2020

METROBANK Mobile Banking App Makes Life Easy Specially This COVID-19 ECQ

Things happen for a reason or two. And the present COVID-19 pandemic may stop us from some of our physical activities, but it sure won’t stop us from attending to our responsibilities.  Considering the applied Enhanced Community Quarantine where we have to comply, it surely affects our movements. We are all encouraged to stay home. Not being able to go out and about freely has made some essential tasks a bit more challenging. Errands such as going to the grocery, paying bills, deliveries of goods and maintaining a steady cash flow through banking is a part of our major concern.

Good thing about the advance technology, it has provided us the convenience of doing some of our important transactions online in the comfort of our home. And doing online banking to avoid long lines just to get my turn is a sweet relief. Just need to go online and things can be done without sweat. 

With Metrobank Mobile App, I can easily do my bank duties. Sending money through bank transfer is just a breeze. You can transfer funds to same bank and even to other banks. I just need to log in and go straight to my account and choose transaction. The first thing you need to do is to download the app and you're way to go.

I’ve been banking with Metrobank for awhile, and it’s during the ECQ that I fully utilized (and appreciated) all of the Metrobank Mobile App’s conveniences. Definitely saves my time and energy. Plus it helps me follow the ECQ guidelines to stay at home.

If you do have a Metrobank account and would like to sign up for the mobile app, please check out to know more. Or you may contact Metrobank via their FB page at

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