Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Parents have full-time jobs, lots of things to do both at work and at home. On the other hand, the kids need to be educated and they have a lot of time in their hands for this. What is a win-win solution to this? Here is one suggestion.
The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program has turned to online learning for kids with the recent launching of GO Learning. Through the use of modern technology, GO Learning is able to connect the Galileo community online and provide them with teacher-guided tasks and self-learning activities.
Rowie Matti, CEO of Galileo explains that online learning does not require parents to drive their kids to school. “And since this requires minimal parental supervision as well, the parents can now focus on their jobs and daily household routine. On the other hand, the kids can choose the time and pace by which they can plunge into Go Learning. Thus, they can still do other things that interest them. This flexibility gives them control of their education!”
She adds that GO Learning was designed to encourage interaction and active engagement through the use of online games, assignments, and personalized activities. “This builds the kids’ confidence and lessens frustrations as they are encouraged to contribute solutions and answers in a fun way. The kids want a classroom ambiance once in a while? No problem! Video conferencing through the Google Hangouts allows real-time teacher-students interaction that is intended to build the kids’ confidence, both in and out of the classroom. So we can practically say goodbye to passive or shy students!”.

Studies have shown that nowadays, kids are tech-savvy and can easily navigate the internet and find their way through various apps. Rowie adds that GO Learning allows them to do just these, at their own time and pace to boot! “However, there are final deadlines to be met, time limits for accomplishing certain activities and responsibility for online content used. This promotes time management, self-discipline, independence and a sense of responsibility. These are traits that will serve the kids well as they go offline after finishing the GO Learning Program”.

For more information about Galileo Online Learning, you may call us at 0917 -8130674 or visit our website at https://galileoenrichment.com/programs/galileo-online-learning/

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