Sunday, June 30, 2019

HDI Admix continues to provide outdoor media advertising services

For more than 25 years, transparency and bringing value to their partners has been the driving force behind HDI Admix.

HDI Admix began as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project initiated by one of our founding units HDI Stopovers.  This CSR project paved the way for the construction and maintenance of waiting sheds for the Filipino commuters so they would not have to wait for the public transport under the scorching heat of the sun or under a heavy downpour of rain. 

The “malasakit” that inspired this initiative became an inspiration for HDI Admix’s unparalleled service and be one of the country’s leading outdoor media advertising companies.

Since then, HDI Admix has successfully established strong partnerships with many of the country’s leading companies, brands and agencies, having worked with over 200 businesses in a variety of industries.  The company has helped create business growth for brands by providing them with new channels to run their advertising campaigns, many of which have become buzzworthy and notable marketing programs. 

They have also been at the forefront of innovation for outdoor advertising, continuously challenging the industry to evolve and reach new heights and offering fresh ways for companies to promote their brands and earn the trust of the public.

While recent events have placed HDI Admix in a challenging position that aims to put in question these key values, they stand firm in assuring their valued clients, partners and stakeholders that the company shall continue providing the service that they rightly deserve.  They remain devoted to fulfilling their commitments in the same way that they have consistently done for many years since their inception and will always be there to help their valued customers find the most cost-effective out-of-home advertising solution. 

The company’s services include billboards, banners, transit ads and digital LED ads in key areas of Metro Manila, and also include concept, activation and event services to make it easy to bring outdoor advertising concepts to life.

For inquiries, contact our Sales Team representatives, Joan De Guzman at or +639185042891 or Jose Cuento, Jr. at or +639285068406.

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