Friday, December 14, 2018

Make your holiday table more delectable with recipes from Electrolux

The Filipino love for food is legendary and the holidays are definitely no exception! From Christmas hams to embutido, no Filipino Christmas celebration is complete without delicious food for loved ones to share.

To help make your holiday table more delectable this season, Electrolux with its newly launched Life app brings to you a list of dishes perfect for Noche Buena, holiday parties and other Christmas gatherings. With a mix of traditional plates to new holiday treats, there’s surely something delicious here for everyone to enjoy as the celebrate the season.

A Feast for Meat Lovers

What Christmas table would be complete without ham? If you like things sweet, here’s a way to create your own version of Honey Baked Ham. Simply purchase a cooked spiral, sliced ham and baste using a mixture of apple and orange juice. Mix brown sugar, whole cloves and honey in a bowl and warm over a saucepan then brush the mixture over the ham, then bake. 

For meatloaf lovers, here’s a twist that infuses this comforting classic with barbecue flavours and adds some veggies to make this healthier. In a skillet, heat diced bell peppers, onions and garlic in olive oil then set aside to cool. Mix lean ground beef with barbecue sauce, coarse bread crumbs, salt and pepper (to taste) in a large bowl, then press in a mini loaf mold. Top with more barbecue sauce then bake. In just 35 minutes, you’ll have delicious servings of Baby BBQ Meatloaf with yummy veggie sides for additional zing.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
Chicken is another crowd-pleasing holiday dish and for fans of roasted chicken, why not try a Lemon Roasted Chicken? Simply zest one lemon then cut it in half; place the lemon halves in the chicken cavity. Then place the lemon zest in a bowl with butter, melt it then spread the mixture evenly over the chicken.

Sprinkle seasoned salt and pepper (to taste) over the chicken as well, then place the chicken breast side down on a cast iron skillet. Place thin lemon slices around the chicken along with other vegetables like carrots, cloves of garlic and sprigs of fresh thyme. Then put the chicken in the oven and in an hour or so, you have delicious lemon chicken to carve!

Sweet Holiday Treats
Give your desserts a Christmas twist by using the season’s festive colours and flavours. Instead of a store-bought cake, how about whipping up a Red Velvet Banana Bread?

To make baking stress-free, you can purchase a red velvet cake mix then blend together mashed bananas, egg and vegetable oil. Stir in semi-sweet chocolate chips and walnuts then bake. Top with a drizzle of white candy melts, add sprinkles or decorate however you fancy!

If you want a light sweet snack to serve after, why not create your own Chocolate Bark? They not only make a great holiday snack but they can even be given away as gifts or party favours!

To make it extra Christmas-sy, try making this Double Chocolate Peppermint Bark. Melt dark chocolate in a heat-proof bowl then stir in butter. Pour into a baking pan then freeze until it hardens. Then melt more dark chocolate and white chocolate and pour over the hardened layer – spread evenly then sprinkle crushed candy cane over it. Refrigerate again until it hardens then break with your hand or cut with a knife. Voila, homemade Chocolate Bark! 

Preparing dishes for the holiday season should be stress-free and easy with Electrolux cooking appliances.

If you are looking for a cooking range, check out the Electrolux Cooking Range with Induction Cooktop & Electric Oven EKI64500OX. It not only comes with a spacious layout to help you prepare multiple dishes at once, but also has powerful induction zones for speedy cooking and precision heat control that allows you to accurately set your desired flame for perfectly cooked dishes.  

Of course, to keep your home smoke and odour-free, equip your kitchen with the Electrolux Chimney Hood EFC6550X, which will absorb all the grease and cooking fumes while recirculating indoor air. This allows you to go from kitchen to the celebration without worrying about smelling like food.

The Electrolux Tabletop Microwave Oven EMM2308X can also help you prepare dishes quickly through its easy defrost setting, which defrosts meat and seafood at the click of a button.

And with the Electrolux Life App, looking for dishes for your holiday table has never been easier.  The all-new Electrolux Life app is Electrolux’s new digital hub for Asian consumers – making it easier to cook, care for clothes, or to simply get in touch with the consumer care team.

Just download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store and click ‘Recipe Finder Powered by SideChef’ within the Electrolux Life app to access thousands of global recipes from SideChef’s database, step-by-step video and photo guidance, voice assisted cooking and much more.

For more information on Electrolux and its products, please visit and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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