Sunday, January 22, 2017

NUTRIUPyourgame Challenge between Solenn and Erwan Heusssaff

Are you Team Solenn or Team Erwan? Last Saturday morning I was able to witness the sibling showdown of Solenn and Erwan Heaussaff together with their own teams. Just found out that the two admittedly have sibling rivalry but in a positive and healthy way.

The game just got even bigger for Solenn and Erwan Heussaff this 2017, as they're calling out grown-ups to rally behind them.  On January 21st, shoppers from Glorietta watched Heussaff siblings not only push themselves further in an exciting showdown on fitness and endurance, but also encouraged each other to put up their game at the first ever MILO #NUTRIUPyourgame Challenge at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati.

Solenn Heussaff, who married last May and launched her fitness book "Hot Sos" in August of last year, is already preparing for the fitness face-off.  The actress, model, author, and fitness enthusiast has always strived to up her game in wellness by trying out new sports, challenges, and healthy dishes that complement her lifestyle.  Her endurance for fitness will be put to the test with her brother Erwan.

Recently engaged restaurateur Erwan Heussaff, on the other has continuously been surprising everyone as he constantly ups his game.  Since he began his fitness journey with his blog, and his passion for healthy living, Erwan has become a benchmark and inspiration among young adults when it comes to having an active and healthy lifestyle. His experience as a triathlete and Crossfit competitor will also come into play on Challenge Day.

While both Heussaff were excited for challenge, the two admit that at the end of the day, it's all about pushing oneself and encourage each other to be better.  The MILO #NUTRIUPyourgame challengeis a stage where one can test and try to exceed their limits and inspire others to up their game through hard work and proper nutrition.

To make the event more exciting,  the siblings have recruited their friends to back them up.  Actress Ellen Adarna, volleyball star Dennise Lazaro, and actress/model Chie Filomeno will rally alongside Solenn.  While Erwan will be joined by actor/model Daniel Matsunaga, basketball cager Jeron Teng, and vogger Wil Dasovich.  PArtner brands like Fitness First, Gold's Gym, KFIT, UFC and Adidas will offer products and services through their respective booths and program segments.

MILO Philippines continues to be committed in motivating adults to live an active ande healthy lifestle, said Ellen Isturis, Consumer Marketing Lead of MILO Philipines. "It's a new year, and everyone is pumped to up their fitness and nutrition, and challenge themselves to push further by trying the MILO NUTRIUP."

The #NUTRIUPyourgame Challenge is a venue where adults can try new MILO NUTRIUP, the nutritious and delicious 3-in-1 chocolate malt drink that's a a source of energy for grown-ups, and learn its benefits through unique and challenging activities.

Try the new MILO NUTRI UP and challenge yourself to up your game to your daily activities.

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