Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Pinoys love their Nanays: GrabAds insights show how busy Filipinos get around Mother’s Day


Having close family ties is one of the hallmarks of Filipino culture. Hence, it comes as no surprise that holidays celebrating the family unit are much beloved in the Philippines. Among the most anticipated is Mother’s Day – and insights from GrabAds, the advertising arm of the leading superapp, show that Pinoys do get busy creating special moments for their nanays every second Sunday of May.


The GrabAds SEA Mother’s Day Insights Report 2023 gives brands and consumers a clear picture of how Grab – with its portfolio of convenient, reliable services like GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabExpress – enables and empowers users to create extra-special Mother’s Day celebrations for their moms.


Here are some interesting insights from the report!


  1. Filipinos plan for Mother’s Day

Filipinos take Mother’s Day celebrations seriously. In fact, 88 percent of Grab users in the Philippines have already come up with plans specific to Mother’s Day 2023[1]. The respondents look forward most to gathering their families, ordering food online, and going out for a meal together with their loved ones and, of course, their inays.


  1. Filipinos order food and ship out items a lot more on Mother’s Day

GrabAds insights also show that Filipinos are happy to create special dining experiences at home as they tend to order more on the second Sunday of May. In 2022, GrabFood orders rose by 25 percent on Mother’s Day versus the average number of food orders across all Sundays of April[2]. The most expensive GrabFood order on Mother’s Day last year was a Php 7,000 steak set[3]  a much-deserved treat for the family!


Padala items also tend to be on the road more during Mother’s Day. For instance, last 08 May 2022, there were 37 percent more GrabExpress Deliveries versus the average Express Orders on the Sundays of the month prior[4]. Indeed, no distance is wide enough to stop the simple thank yous and love yous Filipinos wish to express to their moms.


  1. Filipinos enjoy ordering on-demand gifts on Mother’s Day

Gifts overflow during Mother’s Day, too! 8 out of 10 Grab users in the Philippines plan on buying their moms a gift, and 82 percent of these are keen on buying a gift from Grab[1]. Among the most popular choices on GrabFood and GrabMart during Mother’s Day last year were cakes and pastries, flower bouquets, and home and kitchen appliances. Chocolate, ube, and fresh fruit reigned supreme as the top preferred cake flavors[2].


Truly, with reliable and convenient on-demand delivery services like GrabFood and GrabMart, gifts no longer come with the usual long queues, heavy traffic, and aisle-to-aisle exploration in-store. 


“Mother’s Day remains to be one of the most important gifting occasions in Southeast Asia. Our GrabAds report shows a surge in user activity one week before the day itself, across the region, as people start looking for ways to make this day extra special for their loved ones," said Jennie Johnson, Head of Regional Marketing, GrabAds. “This Mother’s Day, merchants and brands across the region have the opportunity to connect with consumers looking for the perfect gift for their mom via superapps like Grab”


Creating a special Mother’s Day celebration should be easy and hassle-free –  and Grab makes sure of this. With the wide merchant selection and reliable on-demand delivery services of both GrabFood and GrabMart, you can easily pick and order mom’s faves for an intimate family dinner; or even include special add-ons just to express how much you treasure her. Tip: Check out the promo code MAMAMART on GrabMart and ILYMOM on GrabFood on May 14, 2023!



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