Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Red Bull Dance Your Style Is Now in The Philippines


For the first time ever, Red Bull Dance Your Style, the brand’s take on a global 1-on-1 street dance competition with a unique battle format featuring the latest hits and timeless classics that challenge a dancer's freestyle and improvisation skills, is coming to the Philippines.


Unlike other major dance competitions with professional judges, the crowd will play a crucial role in determining the winner of each battle. The crowd participation means the dancers will really need to express their personality and passion through their dancing. They’ll need to win the crowd to move past their opponents.

Red Bull Dance Your Style: The Ultimate Proving Ground

The first major Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines event will kick off at the BGC Amphitheatre with the National Finals on July 23, featuring the top 16 dancers who qualified and pre-selected by nationally-established dance consultant and a member of the Philippine All-Stars Vince Mendoza. “The selection process was not easy and hard as well. Can you imagine gathering talented people and sizing up their skill-set? It's like a dream and also having that excitement during the selection process.”, shares Mendoza when asked about the decision-making that went into choosing the country’s representatives.


All the participants will be gathering together in one place for an intense yet fun dance battle to test the diversity of their move-set while proving that they are the best dancer in the world.


Each round of every battle will consist of two thrilling rounds with the DJ spinning mixes of different genres ranging from modern pop and rap music to old-school classics. The competitors will need to prove that they have rhythm, movement, creativity, and charisma since capturing the crowd’s attention and acquiring their approval is the only way to secure a spot in the next round of the competition.


The winner of the National Finals will then move on to the World Finals and represent the Philippines, competing against over 60 dancers from 30 countries. The World Finals is set to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, in December 2022.


Interested viewers may secure their spot to watch Red Bull Dance Your Style live via this link: Registration officially opens on June 2022.


For more updates and news about the upcoming Red Bull: Dance Your Style event, visit the official Red Bull website,, and the following social media pages:

Facebook: | Instagram: @redbullph and @redbulldance


About Red Bull

Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas. As a functional beverage, we give wings to people by vitalizing the body and mind – supporting their dreams and aspirations through their passion for music and dancing.

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