Wednesday, May 12, 2021

3 Cool Landscaping Ideas for Your New Property

Do you feel the need of having a new project this season in our life where we need to stay more often at home because of the global pandemic?  Perhaps you can check the available space around your place. Maybe your unattended barren garden or backyard? This could be the best time to squeeze your creative juices to make use of the unnoticed or unutilized space around.

I remember that it has been my dream to have my own house surrounded with lovely flowers and greeneries in my garden.  As much as I wanted to stay indoor due to this really hot weather lately to just enjoy the cold bedroom, I still do love the outdoors fresh treat of clean air through nature. This awakens my dream of having a marvelous landscaping, creating an outdoor oasis without leaving the comfort of our home with natural surroundings.  Perfect time and space to get ready for some al fresco bliss. No need to go out for restaurants al fresco dining experience as you might still catch some unwanted lurking virus.

And as I think of my future house, I already thought that I would definitely need to seek for a professional help.  An expert to handle for my landscaping desire, so I can avoid any waste from the space allotted for my garden. We have to make it sure that you'll take charge of watching over during the construction or the putting together process. It's not that you'll stay as a foreman, it is so important to see details for impeccable and flawless result. Where I am good at.

It’s a good idea to visit nearby properties for some fresh concepts.  Paying an ocular visit to places where you can find some actual discoveries and new ideas for your landscaping project.  Because a thoughtful landscape design really counts. I came across real estate for sale in Whistler, from there, I got amazing landscaping ideas. Which gives me another dream to moving out to any of their surprisingly beautiful properties.

I now have these 3 cool landscaping ideas for my future new property.  Of course, from what I got after visiting and collecting gorgeous, classy and fascinating ideas, next is the perfect time to do the planning for my elegant, inviting and definitely enticing landscape at home.  In creating a landscaping plan, choosing the right plant type and hardscaping counts a lot.  There are different types of plants to choose from, flowery, greenery, bushy and more. I would like it portion by potion. The lavender plants will be around the porch while the other ferns will be placed on the entrance gate area. Can you imagine how it will turn into? I’m so excited. Here are the 3 coolest thing I have in mind.



In my case, purple is the color! It means my flowers can be from light to dark shades of violet. In tropical place like where we are staying now, finding the right plant can be a bit of a challenge. Though I already found some, like the Barleria Cristata, Wondering Jew, Iris lactealbougainvilleapurple basil, Mona Lavander, and more. It’s my personality, compassionate, sensitive yet understanding. “Being a personality color purple, you have a peaceful and tranquil quality and quiet dignity about you” got this color Well, it speaks so much about myself, they nailed it. Also, I prefer ferns, different varieties of bamboo and monstera plants for a touch of rainforest feels.



Since landscaping is all about creating a space that fits your needs as well as your taste, it’s important to check your priorities. If you have some budget restrictions, you have to choose from options that will not break your piggy banks. Rocks and stones can be a good investment, as it can also give support to your plants. What I like most about stones or rocks, they're low maintenance or non at all. The rocks actually stops the weeds and show a better success rate at weed-prevention. I also love the fact that rocks adds texture and contrast in landscaping.

I saw this gorgeous real estate for sale in Whistler. I fell in love with its front rock landscape around the tree and plants. It reminds me of the old school feels of landscaping using rocks and stones to surround the plants. Still stunning to my eyes. I also discovered that crushed gravel and pea gravel tend to be the cheapest landscape rocks. Just another reason to add up to your landscaping plan.



I love water. Seeing flowing or running water gives me comfort.  It's like something that soothes my soul as I relax and watch the water flows. I remember, I read from somewhere that flowing water calms the mind and revive the spirit. It's also said that adding a landscape water feature fosters relaxation and peace. Remember, my personality, I have a peaceful and tranquil quality. 

You may find it simple, but these 3 are my top priorities to a magical and magnificent landscaping bliss. Living in the city with all the busy vehicles and pollutants around, coming home to a place where there's a sense of nature re-energize me after a long day of work. 

In fact you are helping to preserve nature by having landscape around your house. You get the benefit of experiencing fresh air from the trees and the plants around you. And true as they say that being in nature is good for a person's mental health. I can actually testify to that, since the start of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, my daily gardening helped me a lot to reduce my stress and even boost feelings of happiness. I guess landscaping will now enter your bucket list.

Let's bring nature in our city life.

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