Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Selah Garden Hotel : Perfect for Team Building and Family Adventure

Have you started planning for your quick summer group getaway or family vacation without the hassle of long driving or commuting? Then this one is a good read for you.
Few weeks ago, The ANG Foodie Family was able to visit an amazing place in the heart of Pasay City. I never thought of seeing this one in the busy and crowded area in the metro. But yes, this is a great find.
Take a look at the beautiful photos taken from my mobile phone.

From the exterior to the interior design of Selah Hotel, you can already have a feel of nature. Even from wall decors to furniture, the classy woods and different native and materials surrounds the beautiful place. I really appreciate it, because I myself is a fan of wood furniture.



The Selah Garden Hotel is not your ordinary hotel that you can find in the middle of the city. Aside from their modern room accommodation, you and your family or friends has a lot to explore in this small yet well-equipped facility.

If you seek for some adventure, you don't need to go far. They have high ropes and low ropes activities that you can enjoy. I can highly recommend having your team building here without spending so much time in the road to get to this place.

And of course, the clean infinity pool is already given. My young swimmer spent hours and hours of swimming with her friends.

My favorite here is the wall climbing area. But since my weight was not so appropriate for the activity, instead, I encouraged my daughter  to do it. She is a super fan of wall climbing since she was small. She feels good reaching the top. By the way, the guy on this photo, is none other than

I must admit that I am not the adventurous type of person when it comes to rope activities. But my two babies are! Mr. Ang and baby Ang bravely tried the zip line for the first time. And of course, after the zip line, you have different options to go back to the ground. They both crossed the hanging bridge back to the second level of the tower where the stairs going down is located.

Congratulations to our young lady who just conquered her fear of heights by finishing the two way zip line and crossing hanging bridge.
The highlight of Selah for me is the lovely big swing. I love feeling the wind while swinging. It relaxes me. Even with those bunch of crazy peeps behind us...hahahaha!
With me is my lovely college bff Bette, enjoying the peaceful morning. She was all set to take her morning dip when I dragged her for this photo opt. I love this friend of mine who is always available whenever I call her...Such a good day to simply enjoy life with great people at this great place.

The young ladies of the mommy/lifestyle bloggers Claire and Millete together with my only daughter, had their bonding time while swinging under the big tree. And another lovely photo with friends Anne and Allan. Just to share with my wish list, I really wish to have a swing in our future garden.
Here's the talented staff of Selah, they are so friendly and courteous. They can even dance and can help you facilitate games if needed. The cute thing, inside the hotel, when a dance music suddenly plays, all the staff will stop to whatever they are doing and will  gracefully dance. Isn't that entertaining?

The Selah Garden Hotel is a beautiful place to capture not only photos but memories that we can treasure. You can create instagrammable stories with each corner.
Yes, another DAEtoRemember for the The ANG Foodie Family who travels and loves hotel exploring.
 About The Selah Garden Hotel

It has 83 rooms botique hotel, which offers an alternative relaxed lifestyle in an urban setting. Right smack in the middle of the Makati Business District and the historical Intramuros.  
The Selah Garden Hotel is very accessible to airport and the Mall of Asia. The Selah Garden Hotel has various types of accommodations that will suit guests preferences.  The Selah Garden Hotel is your perfect gateway in the city.

Amenities :

Air conditioned rooms, Complimentary wi-fi access, welcome drinks, safety deposit box, 24-hour rooms,  Table Restaurant,  Spa by Selah, Infinity pool, scuba diving corse, Team - building facilities with high ropes activities.
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