Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kain Tulog Gang : A New Year Celebration To Remember

Festivity never ends...Yes! We started the first Saturday of 2018 with a bang! The Ang Foodie Family was so privileged to be a part of the annual KTG New Year Celebration that always happen at F1 Hotel, the home of KTG.
The Kain Tulog Gang consists of foodies from different walks of life. There you see number of families, singles, doubles…etc. Other members are even hardcore chefs and entrepreneurs. We also have celebrity bloggers. Name it!
The Ang Foodie Family got the chance to have some foodie adventures with KTG from late 2016. Since then, our life has never been the same again! Cheers! Thanks to GURU Spanky Enriquez for giving us a chance to have an extended family in the form of KTG.
And my Happy Pill felt so happy upon seeing Serenitea, she have never tasted it before. She got excited to give it a sip. Actually, she's not adventurous when it comes to drinks, she always go for iced tea, strawberry lemonade and water. This time she enjoyed the MILO flavor of Serenitea, the "kids choice". While the mom fell in love with Okinawa and the dad loved the winner Wintermelon
Salmon Mousse
You can start with light, and that's what I did. I love the tiny bites of these lovely pieces.

Stuffed Beef Belly
A stunning beauty from a far. This is the highlight of the feast. The stuffed veggies made it more appealing to me.
Herb Chicken with Hoisin Mint Jelly
Shrimp & Gazpacho Shooters

The La Petite Fromagerie Raclette buffet table was also a blockbuster. Yes, it's overwhelmingly impressive. The truffle cream cheese, oh heaven! Mr. Ang may not be that cheesy, but he served me the cheesy plates. And of course, I also enjoyed the nuts and .
I've tasted different brands of ham during the long Christmas Holiday and this one of The Plaza Ham made my night. Paired with the fluffy pandesal. It's like sandwich all night. The Best! Simply amazing flavorful meat that will definitely meet your expectations.

That night, Mr. Ang indulged much with his personal favorite ham. Knowing him as carnivore in the family, he did not leave the party without at least two rounds of this.
Wok Fry Ratatouille
The colorful veggies was also prepared for us to enjoy a healthy side of the feasting.  The Prosciutto Roll, also there on the other side.

Tinapa and Aligue Pasta
Our young foodie got her four personal favorites for the night. First, the Tinapa and Aligue pasta.  She said it's good and simple. Second, the Fish Roulade in Creamy Mushroom Masala. She loves bite sized food, one reason why she picked it. Her third favorite was the Herb Chicken with Hoisin Mint Jelly, Abi said, it's really good. While her last favorite of course, the LECHON.

Prosciutto Roll

Fish Roulade in Creamy Mushroom Masala
As for me, I also loved the Fish Roulade in creamy mushroom masala. So smooth and like it simply melted in my mouth. I so love this one. But wait, my plate also got filled with this savory pork too. What can I say? The feasting really never ends.

Thanks Chef Chubby for offering all these mouthwatering and amazingly beautiful dishes that made our gastronomic experiences worth tummymembering.  That's from our own foodie dictionary, hahahaha! 

The KTG party will not be complete without capping the night with Videoke! I bravely started the 1st song, and the rest gave in!  
And here's the one that made Chef Sharwin and Rich cry!


We also brought home goodies and gifts from some new-found friends from The KTG family members. Thanks to you! We're so blessed to win from the early raffle too, gift certificate from MANGO TREE, our favorite Thai restaurant. Plus a special big envelope from KTG care of The Bistro Group.
Such a busog, fun-filled night with the gang. Thank you so much KTG Family for making us feel like your adopted family, ahahahaha!

Such an awesome night of the first Saturday of the year 2018. Chees to more good vibes, good laughs and good food trippings ahead of us.

Thank you The Kain Tulog Gang for inviting us!  

Again, our heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors
The Plaza Ham @theplazainc
La Petite Fromagerie @lapetitefromagerie
Serenitea @iloveSerenitea
Swizzle Mobile Bar @swizzlemobilebar

Super special thanks to F1 Hotel, the home of KTG!
F1 Hotel is located at 32nd Street, Taguig City. 

The ANG Foodie Family

God bless Everyone
Have a happy New Year!


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