Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happy Australia Day with BYS Cosmetics

Brand Ambassadors Laura Lehmann and Kianna Valenciano

Australians from around the world recently celebrated Australia Day, a commemoration of the fonding of the land down under, and all other thing Australian.  Australian influence, whether earnest or light-hearted, is pervasive around the world, even for us Filipinos, who recognize the roleof aussie awareness in the country, especially in the beauty industry.
BYS, a popular Australian cosmetics brands has been in the country since 2012. Since then, it has changed the beauty game in Philippines, influencing make-up trends in our country.
With the brand’s high-end, on-trend, and transformative cosmetic products, Filipinos are shaped to be confident about themselves as it enhances their natural beauty.

Moreover, BYSis not afraid to play with colors. From nude hues to bright glitters, BYS offers bold and daring make-up for everyday and for partying. With BYS products, you can explore different looks, from simple to soulful up to being dazzling as they can be. Beauty definitely has no limit with BYS.

 (From Left to Right) Brand Ambassadors (3rd) Laura Lehmann, (4th) Kiana Valenciano, and (6th) Tony Chua, President of iFace Philippines, with BYS Australia Team
Half-Filipina and Half-Australian courtside reporter Laura Lehmann and local singer-songwriter Kiana Valenciano are just few of those who enjoy the exciting lifestyle of using BYS cosmetics. Being the BYS Philippines Ambassadors, Kiana and Laura have grown more beautiful, confident, and happy.
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