Wednesday, December 13, 2017

MANGO TREE brings you the Holiday Selections

Never been a fan of Thai food, but now...a certified ONE! Mango Tree is the Thai restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. So true, there's always a time for everything under the sun. And a special Holiday Selections are now here to break your diet, not your heart.
Mango Tree just came up with a special Christmas treat, and The Ang Foodie Family, together with our KTG Family was so blessed to have the first taste of what's in store for you.
Five new dishes and desserts! We were able to try them all during our lunch Christmas Party.

The Homok Seafood Curry in Coconut  was Mrs. Ang's personal favorite. Mixed seafood in creamy red curry sauce served in a coconut shell. Oh my, this is so good! Spell DIVINE! The creamy red curry made the seafood a lot more desirable than before. This is Mrs. Ang's number favorite! Best paired with Thai rice! Like "Rice pa more" day!

Meet the beautiful Fried Seabass with Tamarind Sauce. Yes, fried seabass topped with pineapple and cherry tomatoes mixed with tamarind sauce.

Here's the front and back view of the Garden Salad in Som Tum Sauce with Chicken Wings. Mixed vegetables drizzled with "som tum" dressing, a blend of dried shrimp paste, fish sauce, lime and palm sugar for balance of sweet and sour goodness, served with crispy chicken wings on the side for added texture.

The chicken wings captured my tummy. Perfectly fried to perfection! Chicken lovers will surely fall in love with these wings.

Yes, there's always room for desserts even for me, who has a sort of need for sugar management. But what can I do? I can not let go of  this one. Just a tiny bite made me so satisfied. Sweet Potato Custard, blended with coconut cream for a light sweet flavor and soft texture. I'm telling you, it's not that sweet as how it looks like.

This Wang Bean with Fried Onion is a taro custard with coconut cream topped with fried red onions. Something an onion lover can truly appreciate.
Aside from the Holiday Selections menu we were also able to indulge with the other signature dishes that we also enjoyed.

Our young foodie loved the Tod Mun Goong. Deep fried shrimp cakes served with sweet chili sauce. She's kinda picky-eater too. But this one made her get 2 or 3 rounds visit to the buffet table. I also loved this, even without the sauce.
Mr. Ang got his two personal faves. First is the Gai Satay,  chicken satay served with cucumber and peanut dipping sauce. I myself am not a saucy person. I had these without any dip at all. Just a perfect taste for me.
The carnivore Mr. Ang's 2nd favorite is none other than GRILLED HONEY PORK RIBS. These lovely pile of ribs is so good to be true. This can surely ruin your diet too. So tender that it also falls off the bone once you lift a rib or two.
Well, Christmas holidays will be over soon. So better enjoy with family and friends. Each bites with share of laughter is the best dining experience.

And The Ang Foodie Family's Thai Cuisine adventure is another day to remember.
The Ang Foodie Family
 Don't miss to try out these interesting dishes that will only be available for a limited time starting December 15, 2017.
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