Tuesday, August 1, 2017

GIONYX Hair & Nail Salon Experience : "Me Time" At Last

Stay - home mom or working mom, we still deserve some “Me Time.”  I just had mine last Saturday! I found GIONYX Hair & Nail Salon, a gem in the heart of Makati.  It has existed for three years now and still gaining more and more repeat clients. 
I had a night of pampering with the staff of GIONYX. I had foot cleaning and manicure with nail polish. The nail technician who did my nails is an expert.  She never hurt my sensitive skin.  I seldom get my nails done because I also seldom get a good one to handle my kind of onion skin.  Getting the “murder” as they call it is what hesitate me do have my nails done that often. I learned from the staff that she has been doing the thing for more than 10 years.  She perfectly fits my need.  She did my finger nails carefully.  She was actually gentle specially in taking away the cuticles.
I usually go for the shade of brown, like light brown, dark brown, golden brown, mahogany, etc.  This time, I made a bold decision to try a totally different hair color.  What about something new?  Yes, I got a new hair color, away from brown.  Looking at the color swatches, this one caught my eyes, Iridescent Red Blonde!
Let me show the steps on how they did my hair color…
#1 Shampoo

#2 Hair Color Application
#3 Shampoo & Conditioner
#4 Rinse
#5 Blower
#6 Tadddahhhhhh!
It was so timely for my hosting job for the following night.  I even got some compliments from friends who saw me the following morning before my hosting gig. Things like…You look different as in good different! Someone even said, “Every time I see you, I always see glow from your face”…
Hair & Nails by GIONYX Hair & Nail Salon
These are things that we women would always wish to hear from others, most especially from our man. Such a giggle moments too hearing it from ladies like you. I really appreciate women who can give a compliment to other women. To me, it’s a strong sign of one’s security.  Remember, you will not get compliments from insecure people.
And if you happen to have Chinese speaking visitors, you may also bring them here because they have 2 Chinese speaking hair stylists who can communicate best to their same language.  They also have Filipino hair stylist and staff. 
Well, so much for my long talking.  Try and visit GIONYX Hair & Nail Salon.  It is located right across Century City Mall Makati.  The salon is so spacious with modern facilities to enjoy! Take a look at the photos inside GYIONIX Hair & Nail Salon.


Call (02)771-24-88 / 0977-231-2488




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