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Meet Mommy Star:Newest Eden Mommy

MANILA, May 19, 2016 - A special event just happened early this morning at the beautiful site of 25 Mushroom Kitchen in Valle Verde 5 Pasig City. Mommy bloggers were gathered once again to discover the Star together. Eden Cheese surprised us with the brand new Star that surely shines all day. 

The beautiful host, Ms. Gellie introduced The Eden Amazing Mom, who is none other than the controversial video blogger queen herself, Mommy Star! I got a chance to meet her during the launch...her launch! A very witty and talented woman indeed,  who seemed to have stored up all the energy all over her body. 

Mommy Star, together with her favorite TiTo Erwin shared to us one of her easiest and yummiest recipe, her little star's favorite.  The Fried Tilapia stuffed with Eden cheese. A meal may be simple yet made ordinary if it's cooked and prepared with love. I remember my daughter's line, I love my food because my mom cooked it with love! Sometimes, we fail to see the star in us...Good thing, we have our wonderful kids who makes us feel how bright shining star we are through their innocent eyes.
Mommy Star is sure to tickle you with her charm.
According to Mommy Star, Tito Erwin has been her cooking partner since she was young. They enjoy cooking and doing some experimental cooking together. Something that they do almost on a daily basis. Mommy Star also works in the kitchen with her pretty daughter as their way of bonding time. Maybe, other busy moms can try it. We need to spend more quality time with our children even in our hectic schedule.
Mommy Star shared her interesting and affordable recipe to us. While Tito Erwin was cooking, Mommy Star entertained some questions from her audience, the mommy bloggers of course. I raised my hand and was able to throw the first question...What easy pork recipe can she suggest me to prepare for my Hubby? Adobo! Simply add Eden Cheese to make the Adobo sauce thick and tasty. That's a good idea! Will try it real soon!

This is the yummy Pritong Tilapia, so cheesy from the inside!
About Mommy Star

Do you know that Mommy Star has always lived up to her name? As a hands-on single parent, the working mom loves to share her mommy stories on Facebook. Through her kwela videos about the most random life hacks and helpful tips and tricks, fans and followers alike have grown fond of Mommy Star’s antics. Mommy Star loves to entertain her daughter during her downtime by singing her heart out and when she dances, it’s like no one’s watching! Mommy Star is truly a show of her own!

With a huge social media following, Mommy Star has attracted the attention of fellow social media stars who have collaborated with her in an episode for their respective channels. Mommy Star has also been guesting in several TV shows, proof that this ordinary mom is now a star in her own right. Truly, more and more mommies on social media get hooked on Mommy Star’s helpful parenting advices and mommy hacks.

One of the most obvious favorite topics that Mommy Star likes to share on her page and through her vlogs is cooking and making sure that meal times are more fun and creative for her daughter. As a regular working mom who is hooked on social media, Mommy Star knows the importance of keeping food exciting so kids will always look forward to mealtimes and eat plenty. 

"My daughter is a not picky eater but napansin ko na (I noticed that) she does not eat as much when I serve her food that she has eaten many times before," shared Mommy Star.

“There was a time I was just watching TV and I came across the recipe sharing commercial of Eden. Doon ko natuklasan yung Cheesy Tilapia at talagang na-curious ako nang bongga! Eh di ayun, ginawa ko at sobrang nagustuhan ng anak ko. Nakakatuwa talaga kasi madali lang siyang gawin, pero special talaga.” (I discovered the Cheesy Tilapia recipe while watching TV and I got curious. I tried making it and I was so happy that my daughter loved it. I especially like it because while it’s easy to make, it’s also a special recipe.)

Here to help moms take ordinary, everyday dishes to the next level is Mommy Star. Discovered by Eden Cheese through social media, Mommy Star embodies the brand with her fun and cheerful character, love for cooking, and knack for coming up with cheesy delights. 

"We're happy we found Mommy and hope that she will be an inspiration for other mothers to be their own kitchen superstar. We're very excited about this project and look forward to seeing mommies everywhere share their own Eden Cheese recipes," shared Nikki Paras, Assistant Brand Manager for Eden Cheese Philippines.

A product of Mondelez Philippines, Eden Cheese can turn any ordinary dish into an extraordinary meal --- cheesier and healthier. Whether it's a classic Filipino staple like pritong tilapia or a party must-have like sweet spaghetti, add Eden Cheese and these everyday dishes can become instant hits again.

So mommies, take it from Mommy Star and make meal times extra yummy, extra cheesy, extraordinary for the whole family with Eden Cheese. 

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Like Mommy Star, let your light shines too!

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