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Confidently Capture Moments with the OPPO A58


Every moment can be immortalized into a core memory recorded with the OPPO A58 smartphone, a durable all-rounder that combines amazing photography with a stylish design. Designed to capture life's details with great clarity, the phone sports a unique camera system and design that appeals to aesthetics and functionality. Get to know more about OPPO’s made-to-last smartphone, a durable all-rounder that’s just under Php 10k!


Capture Exceptional Moments With Every Click

The OPPO A58’s triple camera system—a 50MP Main AI Camera, a 2MP Portrait Camera, and an 8MP Selfie Camera—ensures users will shoot stunning photos. Equipped with the 50MP AI Camera, it has the ability to take memorable shots in various lighting scenarios. This versatile camera lens lets users film beautiful images from night to day.


Another camera highlight you can’t miss is the AI Portrait Retouching feature. Aside from being reliable at facial recognition, this feature also applies real-time, delicate retouching effects. Your features will be enhanced without the need for harsh or artificial lighting. The AI Dermabrasion function intelligently erases flaws such as sunspots, acne scars, and pimples to expose your natural beauty.


If you enjoy taking panoramic scenery shots, you will love the OPPO A58’s Panorama Mode. It allows users to take 180-degree panoramic photos to photograph a more expansive view. You can break free from the constraints of traditional aspect ratios and create breathtaking panoramas with the OPPO A58.


The OPPO A58's Stylized Nighttime Photography comes into its own as the sun goes down. Using pixel binning technology, the night scene mode intelligently adjusts exposure to preserve more detail in low-light settings, making it ideal for use in bars, clubs, or dim-light places. For even more creative control, try out the Night Scene Stylize Filters. It will let you capture stunning, one-of-a-kind evening images.


You can also use Portrait Mode to your advantage with the OPPO A58's dual cameras. Stunning depth-of-field effects can now be applied to images with a simple button click. Take selfies like never before with this phone, and record every moment with style and quality that will blow your mind.

Rediscover Comfort and Aesthetics with Its Design and Build

Beyond its impressive camera capabilities, the OPPO A58 is a true marvel in terms of design and build. The phone strikes a perfect balance between enhanced performance and portability. The 2.8D curved back cover makes the phone look thinner and offers a delightful sensory experience for everyday usage.


To complement its impressive features, the OPPO A58 is available in two trendsetting color options – Dazzling Green and Glowing Black. Dazzling Green, built on the exclusive OPPO Glow, introduces the Glowing Silk Design, bringing a silk-like texture to the back cover for a flash of elegance and vibrancy. On the other hand, Glowing Black, utilizing the OPPO Glow process, presents a pure color with a subtle shimmering effect reminiscent of the depths of space, offering a premium yet understated and serene look. With its captivating design and advanced features, the OPPO A58 is a great phone that's made-to-last and accompanies you for years.

Secure your OPPO A58 today at the retail price of Php 9,999, available for purchase at any OPPO stores nationwide. You may also purchase your OPPO A58 through the official OPPO online platforms: Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop.


Stay in the loop with the latest OPPO A58 updates by visiting  or OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

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