Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Angel’s Pizza releases new must-try dishes and desserts

When it comes to pizza, what do you have in mind? Our family's choice could be most families choice. Angel's pizza!

And here's a good news! Angel’s Pizza has once again reached greater heights in its food innovation with the launch of its exciting roster of new dishes and desserts.

With the restaurant fast becoming one of the go-to dining and delivery places in many communities across the country, Angel’s Pizza takes inspiration from local cuisine and favorites. The new menu items showcase Angel’s Pizza’s creative and delicious takes on Filipino dish and dessert staples.

First on the list is the Palabok Special. A spin on the iconic noodle dish, the Angel’s Pizza Palabok Special is made flavorful by its savory ingredients, such as minced beef, tinapa flakes, and annatto water, making it truly filling for any time of the day. It is available in various serving sizes, such as solo (₱110), for two (₱145), and platter (good for 4-5 persons, ₱355).


                                                PALABOK PLATTER

Up next is this hot take on chicken: it’s a good thing to try something other than the original flavor…like Angel’s Pizza’s Spicy Fried Chicken! The Spicy Fried Chicken is crispy and juicy, marinated with salt, pepper, and chili powder. It is available as a new flavor of the Angel’s Box of Chicken (6 pieces, ₱585), or as a choice for the chicken combo meals.

If you also want chicken but would like something a bit lighter, you will surely love Angel’s Pizza’s Chicken Fingers! Available with rice (₱130) or as a side item (₱160), Angel’s Pizza’s Chicken Fingers is the answer for your quick, deep-fried chicken cravings.

Craving something sweet? Angel’s Pizza’s new desserts are perfect for a sugar fix, starting with a local favorite, the Saba Con Yelo (₱100). The sweet, creamy, and milky taste of the saba banana with brown sugar syrup and shaved ice will always be a top choice when it comes to local desserts.

Are you living a life of pie? Angel’s Pizza’s new pie flavors are definitely a must-try! The Banana Langka Pie and the Ube Macapuno Pie (₱90 each) are amazingly crafted sweet pastries that are great for dessert, whether for dining or as pasalubong!

But if you’re more of a cake person, Angel’s Pizza also has a new dessert in store for you: the Triple Chocolate Cake! The Triple Chocolate Cake (₱110) is served in just the right size for you to enjoy and not get tired of its rich and delicious chocolate flavor.

Through the launch of these new food items, Angel’s Pizza shows its continuous endeavor of being highly inventive and excellent in creating a menu that would satisfy their consumers’ wide range of preferences and tastes.

“Angel’s Pizza continues to grow and become the restaurant of choice for many local consumers, so in line with that, we also strive to provide more choices of delicious food that our customers can enjoy together with our fan-favorite pizzas, such as noodle and pasta dishes, chicken dishes, and desserts”, said Ace Azarraga, Brand and Partnership Director of Angel’s Pizza.

Established in 2009, Angel’s Pizza is the fastest growing pizza brand in the Philippines and is part of The Figaro Group, a food conglomerate composed of a diverse roster of restaurants and food brands, such as Figaro Coffee, Tien Ma’s, The Figaro Group Online and Cafe Portofino.  Angel’s Pizza has around 97 outlets nationwide.


Interested customers can order the new Angel’s Pizza menu items via the Angel’s Pizza Mobile App, the Angel’s Pizza website (www.angelspizza.com.ph), via store hotlines [(02) 8922-222 for Metro Manila], and through GrabFood and Foodpanda.

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